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For the Russian Armed Forces.  Because this missile can change everything

For the Russian Armed Forces. Because this missile can change everything

According to the announcement by the Russian Defense Ministry, the news, later published by the non-governmental news agency Interfax, was to launch Russia Satellites In the last few hours.

The operation took place at 2:20 pm (Moscow time) today, Thursday, April 7, via a medium-sized Soyuz 2.1b rocket. The missile loader, as identified in the press release, “Satellite of the Russian Defense Ministry”. All pre-launch and launch stages were carried out correctly and were closely followed by the Russian Orbital Group’s Ground Space Vehicle Automated Control Complex.

there space ship Cosmos-2554 was launched into orbit on time, the release reads, using the 43rd launch pad at Launch Site No. 3 of the State Experimental Space Base of the Russian Ministry of Defense (Plesetsk cosmodrome site, location in Arkhangelsk region). The section also highlighted the fact that the spacecraft has already established and continues to maintain stable telemetry communication. It will be a process aimed at carrying out activities“Electronic intelligence from space of the Russian Armed Forces”.

Also launching in China

A few hours earlier too Beijing He announced the launch of a new Earth observation satellite, which took off from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center (and thus in the northwestern part of the country). “Gaofen-3 03” was sent into orbit this morning by a Long March-4C rocket, to be exact at 7:47 am in Beijing, and it is already correctly in the expected orbit.

The newcomer will soon be connected to its predecessors “Gaofen-3” and “Gaofen-3 02” to form a stable and highly reliable network of synthetic aperture radar. Registered images that you will benefit fromDevelopment, the resolution will be 1 meter and the review period is one day. The satellite will make a valuable contribution in the prevention and mitigation of marine disasters, in the dynamic monitoring of the marine environment, in research and environmental protection, and finally in the field of meteorology, water protection and agriculture.

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