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“He’s cleaned up a little bit at Juventus. Pogba has succeeded badly. Di Maria shows no attachment. Around 2006…”

“He’s cleaned up a little bit at Juventus. Pogba has succeeded badly. Di Maria shows no attachment. Around 2006…”

Former Juventus president Giovanni Cobolli Gigli spoke about the Bianconeri moment in direct contact with Sportitalia: “

“At the moment, Allegri finally has full powers over the team. The coach is well-groomed and intelligent. As long as the former CDA has been around, there have been sneaks into Pavel Nedved’s team. A great figure at Juventus but not Allegri, he doesn’t. There wasn’t any time.” He went on. There was some clean-up, but not a clean-up on something sloppy but with a sense of clarity in the situation. Allegri has had great results in his career, undeniable. He has to work on players’ heads and get the most out of them so they can deliver up to 95 minutes .

Chiesa is a boy who is anticipating with great interest to come from a serious injury. The defense works, the midfield thanks to the young players, the goalkeepers are interchangeable. There is not much to do in the shopping campaign, there is more to sell than to buy. Juventus has an excess in some respects. In my opinion, someone is needed to lend a hand to Cuadrado, who is no longer the same as he was 6 years ago. The match in Cremona can be underestimated, and we must not fall into the trap. My friend Braida is good at building traps.

Despite his status, Pogba still takes 5.5 million anyway. The mistake was made at the time of the medical visits. How could doctors not notice serious knee problems? I think it is impossible not to be sure of this. 10′ After entering the field, he came out with a meniscus problem. Here comes the second part of the matter: the advisors in America said that the operation should take place after a few days. Later this “holy man” took over, ironically claiming that he was going to heal him with miraculous water. The Frenchman believed it, but the gentlemen of Juventus should not believe it. Maybe I think they didn’t believe it, but they should have insisted on the operation once and for all. The decision to leave Pogba in the hands of this character for two months has not rewarded either side. We don’t know what will happen to the player, I wish him luck with when and how he enters the field.

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Giovanni Copoli Gigli also analyzed Di Maria’s case at Juventus: “Di Maria is one of the best players in the world. In Argentina I saw him do great things like goals and assists. Juventus. Di Maria arrived in Turin probably considering ‘parking’ for a year and then He returns home. So even in this case perhaps more thought should have been given to the purchase, I say that very frankly. It is not clear why he does not return from the World Cup, he does not show attachment to the jersey. These are questions that make us think.”

Regarding black and white corporate issues, Cobolli Gigli expressed himself with this thought: “These are serious topics. The people who now occupy the position on the board of directors are people who are also ready to help lawyers in this matter. When I was president, I had Gianluca Ferrero in the Federation Council, And I respect him a lot but now we don’t talk, I don’t want him to misinterpret my desires, I often argued with Juventus, maybe he didn’t appreciate it. Ferraro is a level person like the others. They don’t understand much about football, but the important thing now is to defend Juventus, and he It’s complicated. The hardest part is the question of players’ salaries. I say this based on the rumors I’ve heard, not with the evidence I have. If Cristiano Ronaldo’s famous 19 million card goes out, it could create problems. Juventus have used capital gains very lightly, but like other teams, we’ll have to see what happens when it reopens.”

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On a matter that interests him closely, the former Juventus owner has spoken out in relation to SI: “Juventus is a publicly traded company. In that case you have benefits with the investors, but you have to respect them for the money they invest. When I was there with the independent directors, we set the rules to manage this. The kind of company. There were regular meetings and meetings. I feel there is a slowdown in following these rules with the old board. It will not be the same with this new one. Being listed is an advantage, but it is also a duty. For those who accuse me of causing trouble during Calciopoli Cobolli managed the CDA with a meeting of 7 to 8 hours in August 2006, present as Mayor Gianluca Ferrero. The council member decided not to continue on the path taken by Juventus. There are the minutes of this council. Here are all the voting council members except me, because I have noticed decisions nor to other council members.”