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Netflix, the arrival of the first live stream.  The protagonist is Chris Rock

Netflix, the arrival of the first live stream. The protagonist is Chris Rock

He will be an African American comedian Chris RockAnd the The protagonist despite himself in the slap ring During the Oscars, to launch the first live streaming show on Netflix.

Stone It will be the focus of a special show around the world in early 2023, although the date and venue of the new special has not been revealed. So far Netflix though has offered recorded shows that it has never broadcasted live.

Rock was at the center of one of the biggest live TV moments in the world this year, when he slapped on stage will Smith At the Oscars During the concert broadcast by ABC television In the US and on Sky in the UK.

The comedian’s show could open the door to more live content on Netflix, including sports broadcasts, reality shows and other events. Ruby BrowNetflix Vice President of Stand-up Comedy Formats said that rock has been “one of the most recognizable and important comedic voices of our generation. We are delighted that the entire world will be able to experience a live comedy event in Chris Rock And being a part of Netflix history will be an unforgettable moment, and we are so honored that Chris carries this torch.”

Netflix is ​​preparing to create live sports programming, following rival channels such as Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV + and Disney +, which have already invested heavily to acquire the sports rights. Future live broadcasts may also include reality TV shows or talent shows where viewers can vote for contestants.

Netflix has just joined the official TV audience discovery platform, and one of the first analyzes found that last Wednesday, on its first day of release, 1,100,000 users tuned in to the new series from the crown in the UK.

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