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Thunderstorms, cloudbursts and hail are occurring in many areas

Thunderstorms, cloudbursts and hail are occurring in many areas

Weather warning
A moderate south-westerly moist flow will continue in the central-southern parts of Italy, favoring unstable or locally disturbed weather with widespread rain and thunderstorms, first in the far south and then in parts of central Italy. The possibility of hail cannot be ruled out especially during severe thunderstorms. The situation is better in the north, where a state of emergency remains after the last few days of flooding between Emilia Romagna and Veneto.

Based on available estimates, the Department of Civil Defense In agreement with the concerned territories, those responsible for implementing civil defense systems in the concerned territories issued a warning of adverse weather conditions. Weather events affecting different parts of the country may determine hydrological and hydraulic criticalities reported in the National Summary, National Criticality and Warning Bulletin.

Based on the expected and ongoing events, an orange warning for hydraulic risk has been assessed for Sunday 19 May in parts of Emilia-Romagna and Veneto, a yellow warning in seven regions (detailed update region in progress… ) .

The weather and emergency situation forecast for Italy is updated daily based on new forecasts and the evolution of events and is available together on the website of the Department of Civil Protection ( with general rules of conduct to be followed during inclement weather. Information on regional alert levels, specific critical issues regarding individual territories and preventive measures adopted is managed by regional civil defense structures, in liaison with which the Department monitors the evolution of the situation.