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Goodbye thieves, with the new anti-theft device it will be practically impossible to steal a car: how it works

Goodbye thieves, with the new anti-theft device it will be practically impossible to steal a car: how it works

Thieves are about to experience bad and tough times, with this anti-theft device being a blessing for motorists.

Car theft is a phenomenon that has unfortunately increased in recent years and that puts customers throughout Italy in increasing difficulties. Data for 2023 showed an increase compared to the past, after a period of the pandemic that witnessed a decline in these rates. Thefts.

Goodbye to car theft (Canva –

One of the features that is considered essential for companies is to ensure the maximum possible safety for motorists. In fact, internally Cars We develop a series of innovative systems that allow us to avoid any problems related to distractions or unexpected events.

However, burglar alarms must also be increasingly improved, especially as a greater increase in thefts also results in an increasingly higher value in terms of insurance cost. the Investments And so it pays off, with a series of truly cutting-edge and exceptional systems.

LoJack, This Is the New Anti-Theft Device: How It Works

Therefore, anti-theft devices are becoming more and more ideal for preventing theft by thieves, and the latest wonderful innovations have been introduced by Calamp Group who gave birth Lujack. The latter has a series of new features within its system which makes it ideal in all situations and ensures direct and immediate contact with the car owner as soon as possible thefts occur.

Anti-theft, here’s how to save your car (Canva –

In fact, the device can be connected to the car driver’s phone and a series of actions will send the message. “Warn”, Like just opening the door. However, it is not only this that can lead to the vehicle being stolen, in fact the system is also designed to detect and report any movement considered unauthorized, or highly suspicious in any case.

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But these are all reports that allow the owner to understand that a theft is occurring, but how can it be stopped? Here lies true modernity Lujack, In fact even theft can be banned at that point. If there is a pending complaint regarding the theft of this vehicle, the engine will be stopped. In fact, thanks to the remote connection, the central system can stop the car’s ignition. An innovative, high-tech device that could put an end to the sad plague of car theft.