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La Restanza In Propaganda Live, Vito Titi accompanies Zorro into the interior of the Fibonese region

La Restanza In Propaganda Live, Vito Titi accompanies Zorro into the interior of the Fibonese region

Diego Bianchi in art Zorro brings live propaganda cameras back to CalabriaPopular TV show on La7. After focusing on healthcare from the Paulistina Hospital and entering Fibo Valentia’s electoral campaign – which still generates a lot of discussion in the city – Zoro rushes into the remote area of ​​Vibo, between bombed-out streets and unfinished apartment complexes To serve as a framework, To meet Professor Vito Titithe world-famous anthropologist and theorist of Restanza.

The direct publicity had already talked about Restanza and Tite a few weeks ago – as a guest at Antonio Albanese’s studio – on the occasion of the film’s screening. A World Apart, a comedy by Riccardo Milani that borrows extensively from the scholar’s works In a delicious gag set in an Abruzzo school.

So Zorro now sees the places of the ristanza directlyand what Titi says on the car journey between Vallelonga and Sempario, a typical meal destination based on porcini, becomes a political statement in itself and at the same time opens a very clear glimpse About Calabria, about its narrative, about its failures and its convictions But also as directed His possible salvation.

“It is forbidden to speak ill of Calabria.”

Cultured San Nicola da CresaWith sarcasm but not too much, he extends his hands forward: “Before any thought, Let us remember to say that Calabria is a beautiful, welcoming land full of resources. With the hospitable and good people of Calabria. Why If you don’t say this, they will accuse you of always talking about the negative aspects Calabria. Thus, this honeyed narrative, which naturally contains a grain of truth, gives someone an excuse to say: “You shouldn’t always talk about negative things, about the ‘Ndrangheta, the malaise, the backwardness, because Calabria is also something else.” It seems clear to me that this is something else as well. The problem is that it’s both at the same time».

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Representing Calabria

As a researcher of social facts, Tite gets straight to the point: “What has to be said is that although Calabria is beautiful, fertile, rich and welcoming, it remains backward.”. So we must ask ourselves why this negative image appears: Will there be some responsibility on the shoulders of the people of Calabria and the ruling groups? Is it the Calabrian representation that determines reality or rather is it not reality that determines negative representations? Can we not say today that Calabria suffers from serious problems, such as population migration, abandonment, flight of young people, and lack of hospitals? Young people run away because they cannot stay in an objectively inappropriate place For their work aspirations, it is also not suitable for the quality of life they imagine elsewhere. How do you judge people who leave? If everyone leaves – Titi continues driving through the streets of Siri – Here the desert will remain. This is what others want, for example those with whom they dealDifferentiated autonomy. Emptying these lands would cause serious harm to the north And for the 67% of young people who, if they had the appropriate conditions for a suitable life, would want to stay here.”

Alliance for the renewal of places

“I believe – as Titi notes – that organized crime has a significant influence, direct or indirectin making people run away Young people who no longer want to be affected by it They do not want to live in hardship, based on requests for services. They don’t want to be subordinates. And this is the problem we must pose to ourselves, in the alliance between those who left, those who stayed, and those who want to return to renew these places.

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The failed utopia of ’68

“From a personal point of view – he continues – I live with and with a lot of drama Feeling unfair this case. My grandfather immigrated to the United States, and my father to Canada (I saw him for the first time when I was eight years old. We hoped that our generation, in 1968, would have the strength to redeem itself and fulfill the dreams of our parents, who wanted us to study and give us access to the profession. Instead, years later So many escapes, so many depopulations, that no one seems to have noticed. My kids are out of the house, and their school friends are out of the house. We, I, lost. First with my father, then with our children who are leaving like their fathers and grandfathers.”

Survival yes, but how?

“The question is: What can be done to prevent young people from leaving? Young people who have to travel, because Restanza must be dynamic, open, collective and welcoming, will be left closed in the village. But who wants to stay to build something new, what incentive do they have? What can politics do to encourage this desire among young people? Nowadays, not so much. Instead there will be a lot to do: for alternative tourism, for returning to the land in a modern way, for the safety of the regions. All this care would provide employment and also culture.” In short, in the words of the professor, the right to migrate must be compatible with the right to remain, “building another sense of places and of self.”

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