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Galatina, controversy rages after the Negramaro concert: «Parking does not exist, is there?  impossible”

Galatina, controversy rages after the Negramaro concert: «Parking does not exist, is there? impossible”

Galatina – Controversy continues on social media after Negramaro’s concert: What infuriates the public is the chaos that has arisen outside the airport, the site that hosted the concert on August 12th. Expensive parking, long queues, poor security, and there are also those who – angry at the hours of waiting – have turned around to give up listening to a live Salento band and started a bunch of adhesions to ask for ticket refunds.

“What happened at the Negramaro concert is a shame: we traveled tens of kilometers to get to the concert and when we got there we found ourselves queuing for hours,” wrote users on social media, invading the Facebook group. Are you from Galatina if…

Adding to the torrent of complaints are also reports of poor indicators along the way. Dozens of calls were sent to the police from the place to report the situation: “We called the police headquarters, the local police, and the governorate, but everyone replied that this is not their responsibility,” they commented on Facebook.

The surprise of the full car park was the icing on the cake: many at 11pm, once they reached the parking area they longed for, couldn’t find a spot even though they had already booked and paid for it.

“Nothing is said about the skill and professionalism of Negramaros and the many invited artists – one fan writes – but an organization that is nothing short of bad and deserving of condemnation! We are sorry for the bad impression made by Galatina, Salento and the whole region with the thousands of people who flocked from everywhere. Bad site. Zero security.”

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And again: «Maybe one thing is not understood here, those who stayed outside (including me) not that they did not want to walk … Citing concerts in big cities, which can be reached by subway then walking is different from not Knowing where to leave the car because there was paid ghost parking.”

These are paid parking spaces of €25, located in remote locations far from the concert «with impenetrable and dark path, without telephone line and completely lacking in staff and public safety – story continues – access roads to access parking from neighboring towns (we were in Martano, at a distance of no more than 10 km from the place of the event) clogged with thousands of spectators who, with tremendous effort, managed to attend the first song at 10.25 pm after 4-5 hours of waiting (the concert scheduled for the 21 started at 21.35 despite everyone knowing that the asylum was out) and many other people who decided to give up going there.”

The chorus of controversy was also joined by writer Selvagia Lucarelli who commented on the harassment suffered by the Salento fans on Instagram with a long comment, in which she asked Giuliano Sangiorgi and his followers to apologize to the fans and take action. against organizing the event.

The mayor of Glatina responded

“We will do it again a thousand times over, because if they had told us about this extraordinary event only a year ago, we would not even have believed it. We are the administration of ‘action’, of zeal and not the administration of ‘inaction, for fear of making a mistake’,” replies the mayor of Galatina Fabio Vergne on controversy.
We will not hide behind anything or anyone else. Not everything went well and I was the first to experience this inconvenience. I have been the victim of thousands of hardships and hardships with many friends, I have followed everything in real time and personally. However it was worth it. And apart from the municipality’s role in the county committee, there will be time to analyze, with all authorities, what happened last night, ”the mayor wrote on Facebook.

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“There were the words he could more than any other reach in me and those of Giuliano Sangiorgi: that our airport can become a new Campofolo. And we began with these six wonderful men who made a wonderful journey of twenty years through observations, words and emotions. They were tonight here, in Galatina – And he continues – for giving us unforgettable feelings: every song of them is a memory, every chord does not fade. Thank you Negramaro, for coloring our lives with your music. Best wishes for these twenty years of work, and may the melody never stop ».

“Our gals, it was an evening that will remain etched in our collective memory through thick and thin. We are a community able to celebrate music and rejoice together in each other’s triumphs. We are a city that knows how to welcome and is willing to embrace all forms of art. We continue to support the music, culture and talent around us. May it be This evening is just the beginning of a long journey of celebrations and successes for Galatina, in spite of everything. We also extend special thanks to all those who contributed and who had to face these unprecedented hardships. Through them we will all learn lessons. Thank you all, “the Mayor concludes.