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Samuel Perron, a devastating and unexpected loss: it all happened through his fault

Samuel Perron, a devastating and unexpected loss: it all happened through his fault

Samuel Perron –

The life and appearance of Samuel Perron has changed a lot recently. In fact, the mistake appears to be entirely “his” fault.

Samuel Byron He is a dancer that the Italian television world knows well. I’ve been among them for years Professionals for “Dancing with the stars“, the program broadcast on Al-Rai TV that allows celebrities, accompanied by professional dancers, to challenge each other with dance moves.

He recently joined Ansar for “The island of famous people“, the program that tests the physical and above all mental abilities of celebrities, leaving them for a while on the islands of Honduras.

It is likely that this experience would consecrate him to the general public, although Samuel Barron had already done so Certain fameDue to his presence on the program “Dancing with the Stars”, especially adults He has the ability to dance and teachwhich not only makes him a good dancer, but also an excellent teacher.

But what happened to him recently? It seems so Much changed in appearance Or that’s what they say about it.

Eva Zanici’s patient teacher on “Dancing with the Stars”

It is not clear whether it is a paradox or whether it really happened, but it seems that not long ago Samuel Perron lost 10 kilograms.

He said that Eva ZaniciDuring the interview, he talked about his experience “Dancing with the Stars” experience.. Since Samuel Peron was her personal mentor for the duration of the program, Eva Zanici also began the interview by talking about him and his family. Lost 10 kilos. Looks like the dancer is there Getting rid of them specifically because of him Or at least that’s what he said.

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Eva Zanici
Eva Zanici – (photo on Instagram)

According to him, 10 kg less because of him

I had mad fun even though I knew I ruined Samuel Byron. To be around I lost 10 kg“Eva Zanici said during the interview.

He continued and then talked about his country General experience Within “Dancing with the Stars,” which appears to have been the case Especially positive For Eva Zanici, to the point that she has come to consider this moment as one of the most beautiful moments in her life and her appreciation for Millie Carlucci, the presenter and the backbone of the program. “Millie Carlucci was a great lady to me. She is the pillar of this program, a true professional“.