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What little girl do you get from the old lady, the winning chain reaction agreement is censored


The word to guess was “handbag”, but a beep was sounded because the contestants used the “stolen old lady” stereotype. Marco Lerney’s reaction: “But what do you say?”

In the Reaction series, an entire sentence is banned during a game of winning chemistry. the reason? The contestants (“Dai e Dai team”) to guess the word “wallet” used a set of phrases that the program’s authors considered appropriate for censorship. After all, they just represented what it is A much-misused stereotype even in literature. What is a combination of basic phrases? Here it is: What, little one, do you take from the old lady.” One Stealing Which could not pass on the afternoon of Rai1.

Marco Lorney’s reaction

Thus, what viewers were able to see was a complete game sequence released – as evidenced by the video posted on X by Massimo Falcioni – and when the competitors gave the correct answer, Marco Llorni immediately stopped them: “But what do you say? These are words that cannot be used, and unfortunately you lose a point.” Despite this punishment, the competitors managed to reach the end of the episode and become champions by making it to the final match. The rules of the Chain Reaction game require you to do this Do not use brand names or other synonyms Perhaps that is why the contestants decided to resort to the stereotype of the old lady whose purse was stolen.

Contestants apologize

The “Day-E-Day” group, although it had fun after giving the correct answer, apologized and listened to the immediate warning from the squad leader, to then proceed with the match normally and we reached the end. The “Dai e Dai”, the victims of this political correctness, certainly did not do it on purpose. There is still a moment that seems to us completely unique in historyHowever, so far very quiet, as part of the chain reaction.

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