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Alex Bailey and Sully are sexier than ever

Alex Bailey and Sully are sexier than ever

GF Vip, Live Episode 21: This evening, Patrizia Pellegrino and Maria Monsi enter. The tenants of the house still don’t know that Alfonso Signorini’s reality show will run until March, so there will be More new entries. Soon the princesses of Selassie will be divided. employment News minute by minute.

GF VIP, Live Streaming Episode 21 on LEGGO.IT

22.27 Signorini: “Manuel, when there is that chasm where you only see yourself and which then becomes a cry, how do you react?” Manuel “I feel it, but when I reach the maximum level of vulnerability I always find the moment to come back. I remember how lucky I am to be alive, it’s the first step, it seems obvious but it’s not”

22.23 Clip on Manuel Borzozo Who Doesn’t Share His Pain With Anyone “Because It’s Only Me”

22.13 The first new VIP to enter the house tonight is Maria Monet

22.13 Signorini announces: “Delia is in quarantine, Friday enters the house”

22.05 Billy and Soleil look at each other as they take a bath in the pool and laugh, “It’s a confidence exercise.” Katya jokes: “I want something like this too.”

22.01 Bailey: “Sonia’s words (“You Don’t Get Out Well Outside” ed.) got inside me and I thought, I don’t want to have external contaminants that might get you lost”

21.56 Swimming in the pool between Alex and Soleil caused a lot of discussion, with Belli saying “Delia I don’t want to see you, stay home!”. Let’s see the clip

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21.53 Clip Su Katia and Geokas

21.50 on TV this evening: Carmen Russo, Gianmaria Antinolfi and Sully Sorge

21.49 outside the red door Alessandro, who will present this evening his engagement ring to Francesca Cipriani

21.46 “Expect 4 straight hours of chaos, laughter and fun,” Signorii enters the studio

23.43 Presented by Alfonso Signorini

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For days at Casa del big brother vip There is a lot of talk about potential new entries. What is certain is that Tonight to cross the red door will be Patricia Pellegrino and Maria Monsi who thus join the group. The two new GFVIP contestants need no introduction, they are two strong and decisive women and two people with experience in the entertainment world who will surely cause some confusion in the Cinecittà loft.

There will be exciting surprises: one of them will be starring Manuel Portozzo, the other will be Francesca Cipriani who will receive an engagement ring from her lover Alessandro. Nominees: Carmen Russo, Gianmaria Antinolfi and Sully Sorge. What will be the rule of television broadcasting?

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