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F1, US GP 2023. When is the next race?  It runs in Austin from October 20-22

F1, US GP 2023. When is the next race? It runs in Austin from October 20-22

Having faced five grand prix, located from one end of the world to the other, in the space of seven weekends, Formula 1 is giving itself a chance. short break. There will be no racing for the next two weeks. However, it is just a Short time interval Before the furious season finale sequence, which will be mainly staged between North, Central and South America.

from From 20 to 22 October We will witness US Grand Prix. Real of course! On the other hand, we were able to hold three races in StatesHowever You used to love me And Las vigas They are events that bear the names of the cities in which they take place. identification “Magic City” And based on “Sin City” It is powerful enough to allow it to be known around the world.

We will run to Austinin Texas, where Formula 1 first set foot in 2012 Circuit of the Americas, which was specifically designed to give the circus a permanent home in the United States, achieved its goal, becoming an event that could never be missed. Moreover, in these parts we have often witnessed exciting and non-trivial competitions. What will happen in 2023? To find out, just follow US Grand Prix in television. like?

F1 Calendar 2024 There will be 24 overall races: China returns and Imola and Monza confirmed

Pay TV – Thematic channel Sky Sports F1 (207) will transfer Full live broadcast Subordinate American Grand PrixAnd therefore understand Every single session Scheduled starting Friday. Depending on editorial choices, also the general sports channel Sky Sports One (201) You will have the opportunity to follow the same programming as well Sky Sports 4K (213)Reserved for Sky Q owners.

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Free and clear TV – Free channel TV8 (125 Sky and 8 DT) will be broadcast for free, but in DelayedQualifying on Saturday and the Grand Prix on Sunday. There is no free live coverage of the US event, just as there is no free coverage of the free practice sessions.

flow – The Texas race can be followed live on PCs, tablets and smartphones via the app Heaven go (Reserved exclusively for Sky subscribers). Furthermore, it will also be possible to watch the event via an on-demand streaming service now. Finally, we must not forget how to on the site Qualifying and race postponement will be available.

Life life – OA Sport will bring you live written coverage of all sessions, from the first free practice session through to the checkered flag of the US Grand Prix.

F1 – Plan 2023 US Grand Prix

Friday, October 20 (Italian Times)
7.30pm – 8.30pm, free training
11.00pm, qualifiers

Saturday, October 21 (Italian Times)
7.30pm, penalty shootout
Midnight, Sprint

Sunday 22 October (Italian time)
9.00 pm, race

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