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The World Technical Championships are over, and Biles is still on top

The World Technical Championships are over, and Biles is still on top

In the parallel bars tied for seventh place with Matteo Levantesi Antwerp (Belgium) (ITALPRESS) – The grand final in Antwerp of the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships which concludes with the awarding of the last major titles. The Antwerp Sportpalais program begins with the men’s 25m where Britain’s first medal arrives with Jake Jarman, creator of a brutal average of 15.050 (15.400 – 14.700). The belief is that the 21-year-old from the United Kingdom has qualified with an eighth result. The silver goes to American Khoi Young, who scored 14.849 (15.033 – 14.666), moving away from Ukrainian Nazar Cheburny, and third with 14.766 (14.833 – 14.700). Defending champion and Olympic bronze medalist Artur Davtyan missed his first jump and ended up in sixth place (14.549). On beam, Antwerp’s purest diamond shines once again, Simone Biles, who won the 22nd world gold medal in her extraordinary career, narrowly winning the very tight challenge with Zhou Yaqin. The two were separated in qualifying by 66 thousandths, which in today’s quarterfinals became 100 and 14,800 to 14,700. But the bronze medal went to Rebecca Andrade, who with 14,300 beat Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic runner, Sunny Wevers of the Netherlands, to win the wooden medal. . Matteo Levantesi is the only Italian competing at the same level. The twenty-six-year-old Virtus Pasqualetti, accompanied in the race by the same dtn Giuseppe Cocciaro, goes for the break, increasing the start note by two tenths with Bauman at the start, but some small inaccuracies and above all the speed at the finish line gave the jury leaving it with 13.

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866 in the same position he was in in qualifying in seventh place. German Lukas Dauser celebrates in the lead, leading the men’s ranks with a crew of 15,400 people. Ilya Kovtun still misses the mark with history, as he ranked sixth with a score of 14.633, and the Chinese Shi Kung benefited from this by obtaining a score of 15.066, and also snatched the silver from the Japanese Kaito Sugimoto, who remained in third place with a score of 15.166. The free body closes out the women’s event and it can only be Simone Biles who brings down the hall, and she’s probably sold out. The Texas athlete was repeating her 14,633 wins from 2013, when she won at the age of 16 over Vanessa Ferrari, in an almost symbolic rendition. The Columbus star is making a big difference by celebrating his 30th world medal and 23rd gold. Therefore, Jessica Gaderova abdicated, after withdrawing due to injury, and Brazil scored a wonderful double, with Rebecca Andrade taking silver with 14,500 points and Flavia Saraiva in third place with 13,966 points. In the final act of the barre, like Biles among the women, it is the other world champion who brings the curtain down to applause. Daiki Hashimoto, also dominant in qualifying, bid farewell with a stunning 15.233 and a difficult 6.70: the Olympic champion specialist was just missing the gold medal at the World Championships. Soon the calculations for the 52nd edition of the World Cup will end. In the men’s competition, Japan won the medal table with five places, three of which were gold, one silver, and one bronze. In second place comes China, which was satisfied with only one title, which was Liu Yang’s title in the rings, even if it obtained five medals in total like Japan, thanks to two other silvers and two bronzes. Instead, there were four American podiums, which lacked the sharp point of the top division. The American anthem was played a lot among the women as the Stars and Stripes won the gold medal for the seventh time in a row and Simone Biles added four more titles to her palms, three of them individual, including a sixth all-around. In short, Team USA dominates the women’s medal table with seven medals, four gold, one silver and two bronze. Only one space behind, in total, with six places, is the impressive Brazil, who returns home with six places, including Rebecca Andrade’s success in the vault. In the male and female aggregate, the United States dominates the medal table with 11 (4-3-4), and China, despite its total of 7 (2-3-2), comes behind Japan, in second place with only five podium finishes and three golds for some of the men. . FGI does not win medals, like Liverpool, but it boasts a unique record in the world of world gymnastics. In fact, Italy is the only federation to have achieved 17 Olympic tickets out of 17 available, including artistic, men’s, women’s, rhythmic, individual and team competitions. Of the 23 countries accepted so far, none will have more gymnasts in Paris than the Azzurri. Next year with the Olympics, there will be no World Championships, so continental gymnasts will meet in Rimini, Italy, for the 2024 European Championships, or the Rest of World Championships on the World Cup circuit, or directly in Paris. – Live Photo Sport photo – (ITALPRESS). glb/com 08-Oct-23 20:04 .

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