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CUS Genova Rugby League 2 starts: Point from Assistant Coach Andrew Robis

CUS Genova Rugby League 2 starts: Point from Assistant Coach Andrew Robis

Men’s first team season CUS Genoa Rugby will start. there B seriesmore precisely Group 1, will start over the weekend, where the Biancorossi will play against them Rugby Rufresh from the recent promotion from Serie C. Challenge scheduled to take place on Sunday at 3.30pm at Molinello Stadium.

Universitari’s technical direction has changed compared to last season in Serie A, and Francesco Bernardini, co-coach with Ian Snook, will look after the youth sector this year, while he returns to the first team. Simon Jones. The English coach was born in 1955, and is a former player for Bath as well as a former player for the Red and White team, and also has experience as a player in Australia and Canada. For him, it is the experience as a coach in the Indonesian national team, as well as the pride of wearing the glorious uniform of the Barbarians. We will be there to support you Andrew Robes, a former player with extensive experience in Italy who is moving from working in the CUS Rugby youth sector to the first team staff. Let’s analyze the League Two youth moment through the Scot’s words.

“Working in the youth sector during the last season”, says Robes, “I think I have shown that I deserve this opportunity in the first team alongside Simon Jones.”. So a pair of technicians come from the UK, albeit from different countries. “I’m Scottish and Simon is English.”The assistant coach explains, “I’m also here to help Simon from a linguistic point of view.”He says with a smile and speaks fluent Italian. “On a human level, we got along very well,” he admits. “He is a really nice person and creates a nice environment.”. Which group is the red and white group? “We are talking about a team with an average age of around 22 years old.”Rubis Analytics, “I am confident in our ability to deliver a great tournament.”. A team that definitely needs to rebuild its chemistry. “We are not a ready-made team,” he adds. “There is definitely work to be done for this multi-year project.”. What are the prospects? “I hope we can achieve high goals in a big city like Genoa and in an important stadium like Carlini Polisan.”“, declares the Scot, “I think at least two-thirds of this group has what it takes to play at a high level.”. A new tournament in which CUS Genova will meet their “cousins” from Recco. “Last year’s comeback derby was a great day.”Robis says, “I hope every home match has this kind of atmosphere.”. “Unfortunately we were not able to get the points we needed to avoid the playoffs.”“, says the assistant coach, with the Biancorossi slipping straight into Serie B unlike Rico’s side, which were relegated to the play-offs.

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