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Even the prime minister with flickering, Moise's umbrella in Guardiola - Sports

Even the prime minister with flickering, Moise’s umbrella in Guardiola – Sports

The Premier League will be decided at the end of the picture but also in England – which has proclaimed itself the home of fantasy sports – poisons, doubts and rudeness are driving this glowing finale of the season, with champions Manchester City and Liverpool in a thrilling head-to-head encounter.
And the last episode was held yesterday at the Olympic Stadium, where David Moyes, West Ham manager, celebrated Riyad Mahrez’s mistake on the spot, which most likely would have given the victory to the citizens, and Pep Guardiola kept the nodding umbrella. Hummers, lenses and cameras are neglected.
In front of the notebooks, the Catalan coach preferred to overlook any comment. Perhaps he realizes that he threw fuel on the fire himself on the eve of the match, when he declared – in his opinion – that the whole UK is rooting for the Reds, in their pursuit of a historic quartet: after winning the two national teams’ Cups, both times against Chelsea, Jurgen Klopp’s boys were in the Champions League final (against Real Madrid) and on Sunday – if they win tomorrow in Southampton – they will still have the chance (at least mathematically) to win the national title. Unprecedented action seems to make the City manager nervous. And he did not miss the opportunity to reciprocate the former Manchester United, such as Patrice Evra and Dimitar Berbatov, accused of blaming City for his lack of personality for the Champions League semi-final defeat to Real Madrid. “When Barcelona destroyed their team in the Champions League, I didn’t see all that character,” Guardiola replied, angry.
Even Klopp, however, can’t hide his adrenaline these days. And two weeks ago, immediately after the draw at home with his team, the Reds, against Tottenham, he announced his confrontation in the Antonio Conte match, accusing him of defensiveness and obstruction. The sentences were later retracted.
Conversely, there have been unanimous complaints throughout the season by coaches and players about the calendar not granting a break, forcing clubs on an endless run. With related suspicions of favoritism due to advances and postponements, it was not always established in an understandable way.

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