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Maslick, who gave status to Atlética Vicentina from the UK, rewrote the Italian 1500 in the Hall after 25 years

Maslick, who gave status to Atlética Vicentina from the UK, rewrote the Italian 1500 in the Hall after 25 years

Birmingham – after 25 yearsThe Italian record for 1,500 metres collapsed indoors. To bring it down, and improve it by more than twenty, Vicenza is of North African descent Osama Maslak, 25 years old who lives and trains in Englandregistered in Athletics Vicenina Brazzale. Meslek, a middle-distance runner and staunch sprinter, had to tackle the eight times blue shirt: In five national rallies and in three competitions, most recently the European Championships running in Dublin last year. Meslek set the new record by racing in Birmingham, at the Muller Indoor Grand Prix, i 1500m in the hall at 3’37” 29. Great scoop, because the old Italian record now I resisted for 5 decades It was signed by Giuseppe Dorso in Genoa in 1997 (3: 37.5 by hand). So Mslak crushed her by more than twenty.

Call at the last minute

“It was a surprise, until yesterday evening I wasn’t on Birmingham’s entry lists – Myslick told press officers Vidal of England – and then around ten in the morning They informed me that I was accepted into the race. I live a little over an hour from here and then you succsesEven though I had been out of training for a whole week and was very tired. evolutionary? I explain it by the fact that I changed the coach, and now I’m with Matt YatesShe was a gold medalist at the European Indoor Championships in Genoa in 1992. Finally I also managed to solve tendon problems and found stability.”

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3 seconds ago Less than 15 days ago

Osama Maslak took sixth place in the race, and was won by the fourth Kenyan in Tokyo, Abel Kipsang (3: 34.57), ahead of Spaniard Adel Mishaal (3: 35.30). Notably, his lead in Birmingham is worth about a three-second improvement compared to 3:40.04 two weeks ago at the Miramas. It adds to the excellent 7:44.45 made last Saturday in Metz in 3000 metres, the third Italian show ever.

“I want to register in Vicenza”

And the strange story sports Osama Maslak. Born in 1997 in Vicenza, then moved with his family to Morocco, West, sunset At the age of three, and then Great Britain, in LeedsWhere he lives and trains. A few years ago, in 2017, he sent from the United Kingdom An email to Atletica Vicenina requesting registration. “I was born in Vicenza, I feel from VicenzaI have Italian citizenship, I would like it We run around VicenzaA surprise to AV managers who used to “manage” local athletes. But Osama’s determination persuaded them and the athlete convinced Works at AV Brazzale since 2017always achieves remarkable results for the orange team, whether at the individual level by winning Italian titles, or at the team level with his contribution to club championships.

ok del bono

Federica’s score should also be noted in the Vicentine Key in Binrmingham of good Who was in the eighth thousand with the new character 2: 40.25.

Osama Maslak in an AV Brazzale shirt. In the title in the national team. (Photo by Colombo Vidal)