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“Even if Trump wins aid to Ukraine, the Europeans must spend more” –

“Even if Trump wins aid to Ukraine, the Europeans must spend more” –

From our correspondent
Cernobbio – News: “Early next year, the Saudis could recognize Israel.” Tranquility: “If Trump wins the election, the United States will continue to support UkraineL. And finally, a warning: “With Trump, NATO will become stronger, but European countries will have to spend more to contribute to common defense.” Lindsey Graham68 years old He is one of the most influential senators in America. For a long time he worked in Congress alongside John McCain. Then he endorsed Trump, whom he says he “spent a lot of time with.” South Carolina Senator speaking to courierThis was on the sidelines of the “TIHA” forum organized by the European House of Ambrosetti in Cernobbio.

Let’s start with the news. Can you confirm the rumors of a comprehensive agreement between the United States and Saudi Arabia?
“We have a good chance of reaching an agreement in early 2024. And the Saudis are asking us to commit to mutual defense, nuclear technology for civilian use, and a series of economic agreements. These are all things we can do. And Biden can count on broad consensus in the Senate: there are 67 votes in favor. on a bipartisan basis (out of 100, Mr. Dr). In return, Saudi Arabia recognizes Israel. A historic turning point that will change the Middle East forever.

And the Palestinians?
“They must also participate in the agreement.”

The CIA accuses Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman of being behind the assassination of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
“Look, I too was very critical at the time. But the challenge today is to get Saudi Arabia to change. I’ve been there a few times over the past few months. They’re making progress. A woman can drive and go out without a man. It’s the way to go.” He should be encouraged…».

Road paved with petrodollars, right?
“Saudi Arabia is investing a trillion dollars on a plate of gold. They can only really change the country and the Middle East with the help of the West, not just the Americans. Trump understood that.”

So here we are with Trump. Will he win the November 2024 elections?
“I’m looking at the polls. I think it’s going to be a very close race, really. 50% odds.”

But Trump risks going to jail for trying to overturn the election result.
He added, “It is unlikely that the trials will take place before the elections, and in any case, the majority of Republicans believe that these investigations are politically motivated.”

Can you believe that too?
“Well, the judges of the court here are liberal…”

On January 6, 2021, I was inside Congress when the Trumpists stormed it…
“Whoever does that should go to jail.” There is no doubt. But Trump had no direct role.

But the Republican Party is divided.
It is true that Europe is. But the majority of conservatives are in favor of going ahead and supporting Ukraine to victory. In the Senate, for example, we can say that about 70% of Republicans follow this line.

However, Biden will also explore ways to negotiate, without facilitating arms shipments. what do you think?
“There is one consistent point on which I think there is broad consensus: We cannot make a deal that rewards Putin. We cannot allow him to get away with massacres, rapes and pillages by his military in Ukraine. If we surrender now, Putin will be stronger than ever and we will pave the way for aggression And I would add: if we do not link Ukraine’s aggression with what can happen to Taiwan (which is being undermined by China), Mr. Dr) We lose a lot of the global scenario ».

It seems that the Pentagon is quite skeptical about the possibility that the Ukrainians will be able to reoccupy all the occupied territories, especially the Crimea…
“Instead, I believe that the Ukrainian army will make significant progress within one year,” he added. As for Crimea, there can be no doubt: it is an integral part of Ukraine.

Can it be returned to Kiev in a political-diplomatic formula?
“I am open to creative formulas. We can discuss the matter. Provided they do not represent a clean slate. I repeat: no prizes, no gifts for Putin».