Thursday, July 25, 2024

Ukrainian general, “We are between the Russian first and second lines” – the last hour


Ukrainian forces broke through the first Russian line of defense near Zaporizhia and are now in front of Moscow’s second fortification. This was stated by the commander of the Tavrian Group of Operational and Strategic Forces, Aleksandr Tarnavsky, in an interview with The Guardian newspaper.

According to Tarnavsky, Russia did not believe that the Kiev army had reached this depth, so it devoted 60% of its time and resources to building the first defensive line and only 20% to each of the second and third lines. The general added: “We are completing the destruction of enemy units that provide cover for the Russian forces retreating behind their second defensive line.”

It took the Ukrainian forces so long due to the extensive minefield that the sappers in Kiev were forced to work hard to find a clear route. Behind this position, Tarnavsky said, Russian forces “are just waiting for the Ukrainian army,” shooting down vehicles with bullets and drones.

Now that the front line has been breached, Moscow has had to redeploy its forces to the region, from the front lines inside occupied Ukraine, from Kherson and Lyman, but also from inside Russia.

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