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Do you use your smartphone too much?  Here's the risk you can take

Do you use your smartphone too much? Here's the risk you can take

Do you use your smartphone too much? Here's the main risk you could be exposed to if you spend long hours on social media and instant messaging conversations that have invaded our lives.

Using your smartphone too much –

We often hear about a lot Risks Which we manage using our smartphones a lot, which has greatly affected our lives. So much so that we ended up spending most of our hours there Scrolling our mobile phone screen or quickly typing messages For friends or co-workers. We are now talking about the excesses and restrictions that must be applied.

Some Italian schools choose “Daspo” for cell phonePrevent students from using mobile phones in class. An initiative that we hope will also find confirmation in other institutes given the alert levels reached due to the smartphones that have already begun to be established Addiction is very strong not only among young people. It is also overlooked that using this device can cause harm to your health.

Health risks resulting from excessive use of smartphones

We have been hearing for years about the health risks that arise from excessive use of smartphones and they have literally invaded our lives. If there is a hand Reasons for action Which can also be accepted, as they are the ones who bring us the entertainment that comes to people's minds. Who spend more and more hours with their mobile phones in their hands social Which now affects the lives of not only young people.

Smartphone radiation –

What physical harm may result from excessive use of smartphones? First we must know that once we hold the cell phone in our hands we come Exposure to many types of radiationespecially Non-ionizing at frequencies between 30 kHz and 300 GHz. From a scientific standpoint, there is no confirmed information indicating a relationship between serious diseases and the use of mobile phones.

The truth is that even just holding a smartphone in your hand for a few minutes We expose our bodies to unnecessary stress that can easily be avoided. The advice to reduce it is to keep smartphones completely away from us when we eat and when we sleep, and also when we are in the bathroom to avoid unnecessary exposure. For the rest, moderation It will always be appropriate.

Deformed little finger: suggestion or real danger?

In the past few hours, news and a video clip have spread on social media about RDeformed ischium of the little finger Due to excessive smartphone use. Especially up Tik Tok There are many users who wonder whether this news is true, which was immediately denied by doctors. In short, of all the possible diseases or dangers, little toe disease is not true at all (Here you can learn details on how to clean your mobile phone properly and avoid taking risks).

Yes, it is certainly possible to have marks on our fingers when we touch a keyboard, in the same way we might get when using a pen or musical instrument. In short, of all the risks, including mental ones, that arise with prolonged use of smartphones, there is no risk of deformity of the little finger. You can be sure that you will not be exposed to this risk.

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