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Worry about him – Il Tempo

Worry about him – Il Tempo

“I'm very worried about him.” Matteo Renzi was interviewed by Paolo Del Debio on the Sunday 28 April episode of Tritto e Rossio, Read 4 where, in addition to political topics, he talked about P.T. He also touched on the issue related to Member of Parliament Piero Fascino. The former mayor of Turin was reported to have tried to steal a hundred euros worth of perfume at Fiumicino Airport's Terminal 1 duty free. At least two similar cases have emerged from information provided by the Polaria police. “I do not make experiments in newspapers. If things are really as they say; that is, on more than one occasion, the story happened, I believe that Piero Fascino should be helped by someone who loves him.” President of Italia Viva”.

45 days ago Fassino and the first suspect.  Followed through security but disappeared

The former Secretary of the Democratic Party explains: “Because I am very worried about him, he is not the Piero Fascino we know. I believe that what came out of the newspaper report is not true”, Renzi continues, “However, if things are like this, I want to say that anyone who loves him should help him. , for these are clearly symptoms of a disease, otherwise I cannot explain it.”

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