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Baby Reindeer The real stalker who inspired the Netflix series Against the Author: “Why I'm the Victim”

Baby Reindeer The real stalker who inspired the Netflix series Against the Author: “Why I'm the Victim”

When Richard Judd decided to create a series about his own traumatic experience of stalking, he probably didn't expect his work to captivate audiences and critics around the world and reach the top of Netflix's “most watched” list. Reindeer baby It is a unique product, heartbreaking and irresistible at the same time, and certainly also thanks to the authenticity that exudes from each product. framework: Everything, or almost everything, that is said is actually a quotation of something that actually happened. Just as the real stalker of the Scottish comedian, who it took web sleuths very little to identify: the woman who inspired the character of Martha Scott finally decided to give an interview to… daily Mail. In it, she claimed that she was the “real victim.”

“I haven't seen him for 12 years.”

“He's bullying an older woman for fame and fortune. He's being used Reindeer baby To follow me now. I am the real victim. “He wrote a whole fucking show about me,” she told the British tabloid. And again: “Someone said online: ‘If I find you, I will kill you.’” A boy from North Carolina said he and others would persecute me like I persecuted Jade. I slept two hours last night. And I thought, what if his supporters actually did things like this? She claims that she did not watch the series, “but I saw different things. I have been in the company of Richard Judd on several occasions, but I have never pursued him as he claims. His story is a serious intrusion into my privacy. I haven't seen him for 12 years.”

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the story

However, during the four and a half years they communicated, the woman allegedly sent the comedian more than 41,000 emails, tagged him in 744 tweets, sent him messages totaling 106 pages, and left voicemails on his answering machine. , which were added together. , lasts more than 305 hours. By following these crumbs spread online, fans of the series were able to track down the identity of the woman who inspired the character, even if the series' creator never confirmed the claims. Indeed, he asked his followers in a post on Instagram: “Please do not speculate about who the characters might be in real life.” That's not the purpose of our show.” The request was largely ignored. The alleged stalker in question has now announced that she will assess whether to take legal action against the comedian.

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