Wednesday, July 24, 2024

The former Napoli crawls his farewell


In recent days, Francesco Calzona was officially appointed as the new technical commissioner of the Slovak national team. Former Vice Maurizio I will seeLast season, he was part of Luciano’s crew Spallettionly to leave the blue club at the end of the last tournament.

However, Calzona is not the only blue player to join Slovakia. To become the new coach of Slovakia is the former manager of the Napoli team, Giovanni Paulo de Mattis.

Calzona introduces itself and crowns Lobotka: what a praise!

Slovakia coach, Francesco Calzona, introduced himself to the press, and spoke about his choice to accept this prestigious position.

“I’m not afraid that I want to do great things and make changes: it was an important decision, I want to get into great football,” Calzona explained.

Francesco Calzona (must read image source CARLO HERMANN/AFP via Getty Images)

It was not easy to leave the position of assistant in Naples, I had excellent relations and great cooperation there. But after the first meeting with the federation, I decided that I would like to be a coach for Slovakia. Your guarantor whisper to me? Marek and I have a wonderful relationship, having worked together for three years in Naples. I respect him as a person and am glad he recommended me. But it was the union that chose me, not Hamsik. He just recommended me. I already tried to convince him to return to the national team, but he said no. My illustrious collaborations? Sarri, Spalletti and Di Francesco have given me a lot, but there will be a lot of my work here.”

I am not afraid, on the contrary I am convinced that we will succeed. Last year, I turned down an offer to coach in Serie A because I wanted to stay in Naples. I think it was the right decision. But this is a great opportunity, to take it fast for those of me who are no longer young. How did they take it in Naples? I actually have a lot of enemies there (laughs, editor), I’m kidding, they took it in a positive way. They still wanted me in Naples and when I told them I had a week. Then little by little they accepted, and now relations are returning to normal. Slovakia’s new leaders? Lobotka is a great football player and a wonderful person. He doesn’t speak much like Hamsik. And I like quiet leaders like them. He did really well in Serie A last year and I think he hasn’t shown his full potential yet. It will be our pillar.”


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