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Elections: There is a Letta-Calendar agreement. Candidates for Pd 70%, Action / + Eu 30% – Politics

The meeting between Luigi Di Maio and Enrico Letta is over. Face-to-face at Farnesina.

Agreement between the Democratic Party and Action-+Europe in view of the September 25 elections. The total number of candidates in the coalition’s single member constituencies will be split between Democrats and Progressives and Action / + Europe at 70% (Democrats) and 30% (+ Europe / Action). Constituencies attributable to other electoral alliance lists. This rate will be applied to different groups of colleges identified by mutual agreement. The parties demand that the airtime allotted to the alliance in television broadcasts be shared in the same percentage as used for the constituencies. This can be read in the text of the agreement signed today.

“A moment to announce that we have signed an agreement following a meeting with representatives of both parties, which we believe is very important, An election contract, within a broad agreement with other elements, should, in our view, prevail against the right wing. After Dem leader – Draghi the country goes to a right-wing or Georgia Meloni-led government. After Draghi, Italy needs government experience that implements highly successful projects.

For the Democratic Party, Deborah Cerchiani and Simona Malpesi, committee leaders of the Chamber and Senate, and Marco Meloni, coordinator of the Secretariat, also attended the meeting. And for Europe we have Benedetto della Vedova and Riccardo Maggi.

“We come with a creative attitude, it’s not difficult if there’s a will,” said the action leader entering Montessidorio.

Renzi? “Doors are open to everyone, I thought about that a lot. It is clear that a breakdown at this point always pays off in terms of numbers, but numbers do not have politics. I don’t think anyone vetoed it from a coalition point of view,” Movement leader Carlo Calenda told a press conference in the House.
And again on Renzi, “We have never closed the door, there are no vetoes, the door is open. As far as I am concerned, the dialogue is open,” said the secretary of the Metropolitan Democratic Party in Kedi. channels.

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“There will be a centrist, moderate, reformist, consistent with what we have always said in the next elections. That will be us”. Ettore Rosato, president of Italia Viva, wrote on Twitter after the agreement signed with Democratic Action and +Europe.

“Meeting with Leaders The Italian Left and Green Europe? Of course. I propose to see each other tomorrow. ” Thus Enrico Letta, according to the sources of the Nazarene.

“We are always committed to protecting democracy in our country, but we are also obliged to send a signal to the great issue of the climate emergency. The answer must be given at the societal level”. “In light of this, we are asking for a meeting with the Democratic Party to check whether the conditions for an electoral agreement that includes a coalition between the Greens and the Left still exist”. So said Angelo Bonelli, Europa Verde’s co-spokesperson.
“We consider that the agreement between the Democratic Party and Action / + Europe is legal but does not limit the programmatic theme of the political proposal. We are yesterday, today and tomorrow”. Nicola Fratoianni, Secretary of the Italian Left, said this.

The Leta-Calenda soap opera is finally over. Good luck with the new batch.” This was the hot comment on Twitter from M5s leader Giuseppe Conte.” The telenovela Letta-Calenda is finally over: Good luck with the new batch from Gelmini to School Pd by Calenda, which has not kept its nose out of Ztl. They identify themselves with the “tragic agenda”. A legal minimum wage, the fight against pollution and the insecurity of the youth will not be on their agenda. It’s okay, we’ll take care of it.”

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“The PD-Action coalition sheds light on the forces in the field in the next election. The conventional left will compete with the center-right and the FdI. The Democratic Party, the extreme left and Action, the rib of the Democratic Party. MEP elected in the Democratic Party Carlo Calenda. The story of moderate party action endsAn alternative to the left, full of enemies of taxes, welfare and the productive class”, declares Giorgia Meloni, president of the Brothers of Italy.

“The action is taking off the mask. It is the fifth column of the Democrats and the left. Besides the plan to create a new center, apart from the Draghi government, more places in the service of those who want property for a few”. Forza Italia’s national coordinator Antonio Tajani writes on Twitter.