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Scattered without votes or money are marching in the Great Center.  "Renzia? Difficult?"

Scattered without votes or money are marching in the Great Center. “Renzia? Difficult?”

Vincenzo Spadaphora, the mastermind of the Dimian split, agrees with unarmed realism: “We carried out a palace operation.” But he is quick to point out: “Our perspective is the construction of a political plan.” Feast? Transforming the parliamentary committee “Together for the Future” into a political body presents at least two obstacles that are currently insurmountable: votes and money.

In the highest expectations, the de Mayo party will not exceed the national 2% limit. Translation: Everyone is home from the next parliamentary term. Cold. Finished entertainment. Second problem: finance. Funders are needed to build the movement in the region and organize the election campaign. Spadafora and Di Maio have excellent relationships. But they are not sufficient for the economic stability of the “party”. So an autonomous political hypothesis has already been filed. The terminus arrived just before the start of the race.

The perspective is different: de Mayo wants to contribute to the birth of a central pole, which collects the entire Dragon area. With whom Talks are going on with everyone. Primarily with the Mayor of Milan Pepe Sala. Here is a hand. In recent weeks, Salah has met and negotiated with all the political leaders of the new centralist pole. Subsequently, Milan faced Mayor de Mayo, Calenda, Renzi, Totti, Gelmini, and Brugnaro. He has set a condition: he will not leave the leadership of the Milan municipality. He is ready to accept the paternalism of the future centrist pole with the role of a noble father. Nothing else. He will not resign to lead the Great Center. The hall is perfect. But without giving up the mayor’s chair. Minister Mara Carbagna has already marched. Sources close to the blue minister explain to Giornell: “We are not interested in a centrist plan with Salah. We are and are in Fi.”

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Once the availability of sala like the character of Mario Monty was collected in 2013, the container had to be built. De Mayo and Spadaphora work on the container. There are three privileged speakers at this stage: the mayors of Venice, Florence and Pharma. Together with Brugnaro, Nardella and Pissarotti we are trying to lay the foundation for the third pole. “There are constant conversations with fellow mayors, there is great movement in that area, but everything is still in advance. I’m going to finish my mandate on Sunday, I’re committed to making Michael Guerrera win. We’ll see after that. Desire to jump into something new, not just politics. I do not rule out anything.” So Federico confirmed Adnkronos to Pizzarotti.

News is coming from the South that the Governor of Campania, Vincenzo de Luca de Mayo, is watching the project with interest: “The foreign minister can be a speaker to launch a major reform political force in our country. That should be the goal,” the sheriff from Salerno surprisingly declares. Liverian President Giovanni Totti: Negotiations with another governor are going well. There was already a first approach when it came to voting for Quirinal between the Diamonds and the Totians. Coraggio Italia MP reveals to Giornale: “During the presidential election, the first ballots in Mattarella came from the grillina patrol near Maio and the Coraggio Italia MPs.”

The regional elections in Sicily will be the first test for the centrist laboratory. In Sicily de Mayo may continue to be in contact with former grillino Dino Giorgio. The conversation with Renzi was very complicated. Spadaphora, recognizing his talents as a mediator, acknowledges: “Conversation with Renzi is not easy.” There is effort. The leader of the IV says softly: “The Third Pole is a surreal debate with de Mayo”. Tricks.

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The other knot pattern to be solved. Here, too, two visions collide between Dimayani. There are those who see the isolated race under the cap of the Third Pole as paving the way for Drake Biz after the election. And who dare: Pd-Third Polar Agreement Isolating Conte. One hypothesis is that it should not be underestimated. Matteo Renzi works quietly. De Mayo can benefit from this.