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Weather for the weekend of 6-7 August was intense heat and some strong thunderstorms.  Here's how «3B Meteo

Weather for the weekend of 6-7 August was intense heat and some strong thunderstorms. Here’s how «3B Meteo

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It will be a situation where it is not yet developed what is going to happen First weekend It will be in August A continuation of what happened Friday. All dominant baric statistics are decentralised, The African anticyclone will be further north than normal and dominate the Mediterranean sector, The Azores anticyclone is further north than normal Its center will be in the mid-Atlantic with minimal expansion towards the western European sector. The Atlantic divide is further north than normal and mainly affect the North Sea, Scandinavia and sometimes Central Europe. In this environment Italy has to navigate between the African anticyclone and unstable influences Central Europe with consequences we can easily imagine.

Northern regions Geographically near a low pressure center They will continue to suffer from unstable trajectoriesFurther trouble with Locally strong thunderstorms induced by thermal anomalies The center and south sink into the counter-rotating matrix Even with intense heat, but not extreme and no precipitation to avoid some heat storm.

In the days following the weekendSo we should see a gradual recovery in the early weeks leading up to August Some more notable effectsAfter all, the reduction of African heat starts from the northern regions Some storm episodes were more intense in the Center-South. for now We don’t want to go any further As the situation is still confusing. It was initially thought to be a sudden interruption of African dominance due to a more decisive North Atlantic cold air attack, but this possibility is now rejected by mainstream mathematical models, suggesting that the matter may have been, at least in the first phase, slow and overwhelming. Step by step. New updates will follow.

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