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New US sanctions against Russia, 24 companies and three oligarchs hit: Putin's girlfriend included

New US sanctions against Russia, 24 companies and three oligarchs hit: Putin’s girlfriend included

New sanctions against Russia on the horizon. AnswerInvasion of UkraineUS Secretary of State Anthony Blinken And this Treasury Department It has announced two new economic sanctions against the US Russian companies and personalities. One, in particular, is very close Vladimir Putin. In Black list In fact, the former Olympic gymnast appeared in the US Treasury Alina Kabaeva, considered the historical sweetheart of President Vladimir Putin and already hit by sanctions from the European Union and the United Kingdom. The 39-year-old, who was considered a target by the United States in early April, has since shelved the idea and was admitted as a former member Duma and “The current leader National Media GroupA pro-Kremlin empire of television, radio and print organizations,” reads a US Treasury Department memo.

The Treasury Department has announced sanctions against several conglomerates, including large manufacturing companies. Steel and two of its subsidiaries and a financial institution were accused of implementing Measures to Avoid Western Sanctions. In turn, Antony Blinken announced new restrictions against Three Russian oligarchsA Russian state-owned company overseen by the Ministry of Transport, “four individuals and one company operating illegally on Ukrainian territory with the cooperation of Russia” and 24 Russian defense and technology companies. There are restrictions on 893 Visas of Moscow officials and “31 Officials of Foreign Governments He advocated the Russian annexation of the Ukrainian region Crimea thereby threatening or violating Ukraine’s sovereignty,” Blinken said.

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