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Isolation for 5 days

Isolation for 5 days

Isolations Reduced in duration and number of students involved: Management of infectious diseases Schools, On the record Vaccines, Goes in this direction. Today, in many cases, a single positive student is enough to pause face-to-face lessons. The goal is to thwart such drastic measures. Standard rules will be set throughout Italy, during which time they will vary not only from region to region, but also from one health official to another. Over the next few days, a summit between the Ministry of Health, regions, health ministries and public education will be held precisely to define new uniform measures across the country.

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Isolation in school, what changes


Lazio’s proposal, supported by Health Councilor Alessio D’Amato, has the power to restrict the isolation period to five days (today it is 7 per vaccine and 10 per vaccine, but as a result can lead to privacy issues). Even Pierre Luigi Lopalko, an epidemiologist and health counselor at Buglia, believes it makes sense to reduce the isolation period: “Let’s start with an assumption: the delta variant is very fast in transition, so it makes sense to think about letting you go back to school if it does not appear at four.” I was very confused about the definition of: within a class, children are constantly moving, it is very elusive. There is also a very restricted definition of intimate contact, such as what happens on planes where they are only considered. They say: Controlling isolation makes sense, and takes into account the fact that many children over the age of 12 are vaccinated, almost all professors. But the movement and sociality that exists in a classroom calls us to be cautious in identifying those who need to be isolated. However, the five-day plan provides for an antigenic test to check for a positive return to class.

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“One thing is for sure – says D’Amato – we can’t deal with the problem of infections at school like we did in the previous school year without vaccines.” In the Ministry of Health they aim to identify the standardized rules, taking into account that schools are not all the same: there are gaps to ensure some gaps, other modern ventilation systems, many more classes, yet the perfect solution is not easy to find. For everyone. Finally, it should be noted that to date, schools with students over the age of 12 are being vaccinated, but the situation is changing as students become smaller due to the lack of an approved vaccine for that age. The other day, with the summit pending this week, was a meeting between Public Education Minister Patricio Pianchi and Silvio Brusafero, president of the Institute of Higher Health. To date, the resumption of face-to-face lessons has not yet caused the effects of the epidemics, but rather, continues to decline.

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However, Professor Gianni Ressa, director of the Department of Prevention, calls on us to be cautious: “Schools have recently reopened, and it is too early to see the potential effect of reopening,” he said the next day. There may be signs of a small increase in a certain age. But we know: you can not be vaccinated again under the age of 12, it is a population, children, it should be taken care of. According to Professor Lopalko, these weeks will be very important to monitor the progress of the epidemic in schools, where the majority of teachers are now vaccinated and a good portion of students over 12 years of age. “If the consequences are minimal – he notices – it could start a phase of normal coexistence.