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Danica Patrick Herta: l'endorsement on "Danistar"

Danica Patrick Herta: l’endorsement on “Danistar”

After Mario Andretti, Colton Herta has found a new F1 ‘sponsor’ in Danica Patrick. The former driver, who will be commenting on the US Grand Prix for ESPN and Sky Sport this weekend, spoke to about how amazing the opportunity for the California youngster will be to enter formula one. “Danistar,” the first woman to drive laps in the Indianapolis 500 and win an IndyCar race, raced for five seasons with Michael Andretti, the same team as Herta Jr. Today. In the circus under the banner of Alfa Romeo.

Mario Andretti calls up Colton Herta in Formula 1

Colton Herta: What did Danica Patrick say?

Like Bedoni, Patrick also sees in the young Hertha the driver with the most potential to land in Formula One. “It will be a great opportunity for himThe Wisconsin girl explained to “If this is something you want to do and feel you have the opportunity to do, that’s great. It’s not like you’ve become a worse driver than you were beforeHis logic is clear: If Colton craves Formula 1 more than anything else, try it, especially if he already has a contract with a team about to go into the lap. Whatever happens, he can return to IndyCar, as his boss, Michael Andretti, did in the past. “If that doesn’t workDanica explained.Formula 1 drivers usually have enough credibility to test IndyCar. So, I think it’s a huge opportunity, especially if that’s something I’m excited about, I think it would be a good thing. And it has to be 100% American, which is great. I would like to see how it goesPatrick emphasizes with this sentence on the patriotic aspect of the Hertha issue: it is not a secondary factor for a F1 car that wants to grow on American soil.

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Netflix Contribution

The former driver also spoke about this aspect, stressing the contribution made by “driving for survival” in this sense. “I think it was a great idea“, He said. “Over the years I’ve met a lot of people who have said to me, ‘Hey, did you see that? Did you see it? Now I’m very interested in F1’. I think it makes it more human, you create stories, it’s a way of getting people to understand how the championship works.In short, according to Patrick, Liberty Media saw the right to seek help from Netflix. We conclude with curiosity: Danica was also on the verge of making her Formula 1 debut. In 2008, her career was in full swing, thanks to her victory in Motegi in IndyCar Honda was pushing it to race in Europe, taking advantage of the new KERS featherweight regulations. But nothing came of it, because Honda then decided to leave the circus. So he switched to NASCAR, an adventure that turned out to be a complete disaster. A year before This story, Miss Patrick joins the team of Michael Andretti, replacing…Brian Herta, Colton’s father!

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