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Italian DJ explains 'fantastic' conversation with Conor McGregor before the alleged assault

Italian DJ explains ‘fantastic’ conversation with Conor McGregor before the alleged assault

Italian DJ Francesco Facchinetti felt like he was “live in a movie” before being attacked by UFC star Conor McGregor.

The couple spent more than two hours together at a party in Rome on Saturday night, talking about everything from the Irishman’s career to Lamborghini’s new €3 million luxury yacht.

They even exchanged phone numbers before Dublin punched the musician, leaving his nose broken and a cleft lip, UK Mirror Reports.

Mr Vicente took to social media to make his claims over the weekend, and has now expanded in the run-up to the alleged incident at the luxurious five-star St Regis hotel.

“I just wanted to make it clear that I was – or was actually at this point – a huge fan of McGregor, so when I was told I could go see him, I thought it would be nice to be with him and for two and a half hours I felt like I was in a movie,” he said on his youtube channel.

DJ Francesco Faccinti

“So that I could talk to McGregor…My Brazilian wife talked to him, they talked about Brazil, we talked about Jose Aldo and he told us he should fight in Brazil, but then he lost to Habib. [Nurmagomedov] There is no more.

“He told us a lot of great things, he was nice, we talked about Rome, the Colosseum… I told him he had to go to Paestum, Pompeii, and then he told me he was going to go and get his boat from Lamborghini. It was a good conversation.

“So…my words are obviously a transcript, then we also have to listen to his report if you like, but I had about 10 witnesses with me, four of whom were Italians.”

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The daily mirror Contact a representative of Conor McGregor and Rome Police for comment.

“We will give the police our full support in their investigation,” a hotel spokesperson said in a statement.

“The safety and security of our guests and employees has always been our top priority.”

Mr. Fachint continued: “Suddenly, in front of his bodyguards who were with me, and in front of his bodyguards who had become my friends in the meantime (we also exchanged phone numbers with his bodyguards and Irish friends), his brain snapped and he saw the lions and punched me.

“So he didn’t slap me, he punched me. Fortunately, he was very close to me, about 20-30 cm, with his right hand, so his left hand wasn’t bad, he hit me here [points to upper lip and his nose] So it didn’t hit my jaw or my cheekbones, but it did hit that part…so you can see here, the lip and nose are a little swollen.

“I didn’t fall, I’m not sure that thanks to some strange miracle in the world I was able to stay standing.”

McGregor is in the Italian capital for his son Ryan’s christening and was photographed enjoying time with his extended family after chartering a plane to take them from Ireland.

Conor McGregor and Devlin inside the Sistine Chapel

His alleged victim ended his video by admitting his grief over the events of the weekend.

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“I’m really sad about this, first because it really bothered me on a human level, it was ugly. Second, because I’m a fan of mixed martial arts and, as I said earlier, a fan of McGregor, because he did so much for the sport, so I’m really sorry for any of that” .

“Third, because I am looking to invest in the MMA world in Italy, I work with many fighters not only in the MMA world but also in boxing, so it somehow bothers me that the fighting world can be associated with the world of bullies.

“So I’m very sorry, but I can assure you that it was a bad thing, and it was a bad thing for me and the people who were next to me.”

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