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Coastal Resorts, Stop Extending Offers From 2023 and Break the Expensive Umbrella: Green Light from CDM

Coastal Resorts, Stop Extending Offers From 2023 and Break the Expensive Umbrella: Green Light from CDM

After years of waiting and with guns targeting the EU’s maximum fines, the reform of bath offers is coming: 1 January 2024 will be allocated with a public tender. Mario Draghi was pushed to the accelerator with the decisive side of Northern League ministers Giancarlo Giorgietti and Massimo Caravaglia who wanted to put an end to the long fighting since last fall. The news is not small. The reform would include the protection of small family businesses, compensation to the outgoing client, banning extensions and automatic renewal. Interventions against expensive umbrellas and the duty to allow access to the sea are expected.
Thanks to Draki’s mediation with Caravaglia (tourism) backed by Giorgietti (development), the government progressed without too much concern. This arrangement, which was preserved until the last moment, was unanimously approved by the Council of Ministers. Only two obstacles were overcome. First: At the beginning of the meeting, Army worker Maria Stella Gelmini (regions) proposed postponing the green light to Friday for “more information”. But Drake went straight: “The launch should happen today.”

Warning of the Dragons
The Prime Minister asked the ministers to expedite the approval of the delegation and the Legislative Orders by the Parliament within this year. Second: 5Stelle Stefano Patuanelli (Agriculture) asked for a half hour suspension to “evaluate the text well”. The demand for a way to attest to the existence of movement in life appeared to colleagues. Source: The conflict resumed without further ado. But the real novelty that the bath companies’ reform brings is that the apparent bond between Drake and Giorgieti once again clashes with his boss (Salvini “rejected the deal by talking about improvements” is not a coincidence. ” Moreover, Minister Valarmati, who is on the side of the Chief Minister, is not at all ready to turn the last year of his rule into an election battleground for the League and other parties.
“Accepted text with the main character of the Northern League ministers”, they underline in the evening Palazzo Ciki, “the best possible: it compromises the needs of the competition with some kind of protection of the privileged, especially the younger ones. Who are the main form in these livelihood activities.”

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The rules, which extend existing concessions until December 31, 2023 and reward those who guarantee investments in tenders and protect the landscape, will enter into a draft law for more competition in the Senate. And within 6 months, they will be described by various legal orders.

Armor for children
One of the most eagerly awaited innovations is the “shield” for family businesses that have only one privilege that has “used” the beach as a “major source of income” for the past 5 years. Compensation is also expected as defined by the Legislative Order as “to be paid to the outgoing offer” for the investments made and for the commencement of the business.

The reform is aimed at protecting employment in favor of small businesses: “maximizing incentives to encourage maximum participation of micro and small businesses, taking into account the subdivision of state-owned areas into smaller ones”. And with temporary clauses “Employment Stability of Employees Working in the Operation of an Outgoing Beneficiary” will be guaranteed.

The duration of the bath offerings, which cannot be automatically renewed or extended, should include “a period not exceeding what is required to guarantee the creditor of the loan waiver of the approved investments and reasonable pay”. In addition, a portion of the fee will go to “coastal protection” and upgrading free beaches. This includes the rule against expensive umbrellas, taking into account the “quality and terms of service provided to users for the purpose of selecting the offer”. Then the duty to allow “free and open access” to the beach.
There is no shortage of differences. Salvini, although everyone knew that Carvajalia was involved in composing the text, withdrew from it. He added, “I will work to improve it in Parliament from tomorrow.” The immediate response from the Democrats with Antonio Missiani: “We once again see the unacceptable hypocrisy and unreliability of the League.” The toughest Georgia Meloni: “Today Drake has carried out a hijacking operation that is detrimental to 30,000 bath companies”.

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