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Expert.I artificial intelligence will be used by the U.S. National Security Research Center at the Los Alamos Laboratory, one of the largest digital archives in the world, which facilitates document search and analysis, thus taking decades of what scientists can accomplish in just a few months. technology will be integrated as a core component of “Compendia”, a platform for managing unstructured data of Titan Technologies, which specializes in advanced software applications in collaboration with the Los Alamos Laboratory Research Center. The laboratory is dedicated to the development of strategic projects in the field of scientific research, with the aim of enhancing the national security of the United States. For this purpose, it ensures the safety and reliability of US nuclear stockpiles. The AI ​​decision of was made following the success of the six-month Proof-of-Concept (PoC), which aims to support laboratory scientists and engineers in enhancing research by understanding natural language and machine learning. Listed in Euronext Growth Milan since 2014, Modena is headquartered in, with 5 offices and research laboratories in Italy and operates in France, Spain, Germany, UK, USA and Canada. In 2021, the new North American headquarters opened in Boston. (Handle).

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