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A 64-year-old woman has died, her husband unharmed but in shock.  Heard the roar from miles away

A 64-year-old woman has died, her husband unharmed but in shock. Heard the roar from miles away

Pincano Al Tagliamento – A woman dies following a violent explosion 6.30 This morning, February 16, a Pincano Al Tagliamento (Pordenone) In the food warehouse. The Splimbergo Fire Brigade extinguished the fire and excluded other persons from involvement in the explosion. The victim’s husband, who was in another room, was unharmed: in shock he first sounded the alarm.
The roar, heard from a considerable distance, also destroyed a box used as a warehouse Chiu Company Works in the field of beverage distribution. Investigators speculate that none of the product or bottle material exploded, but they are investigating the heater the victim used to heat the room.

Who is the victim

The victim was called Nelly Tramontin, He was 64 years old and worked in an accountant’s office in Splimbergo. She is the wife of the owner of a beverage sales and distribution company where the explosion occurred. Firefighters confirmed the explosion was caused by a gas leak: the woman operated a cylinder-powered office light, and the spark ignited.

Gas stove

The blast occurred in a two-story building where a beverage distribution company is located, with a warehouse on the ground floor and a nearby office; On the other side of the stairs, there is an apartment where the victim woman and her husband lived. It would have caused the explosion Gas stove In use in the office room. The stove continued to burn, but at night the fire was extinguished; So the gas continued to flow out of the cylinder and filled the office. The fire broke out when Nelly Tramond, who came to the office from the apartment at dawn, turned on the light. The woman in question is the wife and liquor dealer of the bottle shop owner. Although the explosion was very strong and felt around a very large area, the structure of the artwork was very solid, so the husband who was in the apartment at the time of the explosion was not involved.