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Corona virus Italy, Tuscany / Live - 1,041 new cases in the Chronicle

Corona virus Italy, Tuscany / Live – 1,041 new cases in the Chronicle

Florence, April 22, 2021 – Gov. Tuscany, New cases return over a thousand. Governor Gianni Antilles i Bulletin data Today, Thursday 22nd April. So I do New cases have been registered in Tuscany I 1.041 Of the 24,439 tests, 13,896 were molecular fabrics and 10,543 were rapid tests. The rate of new positives was 4.26% (11.9% at first diagnosis).

Meanwhile, every day, there is an expectation for corona virus data In Italy. Gives a complete picture of the data status of individual regions. Meanwhile, the curve Currently positive In Italy: One lakh people who currently hold the cove have given up in the last month. Currently there are more than 470 thousand as shown Map below.

The latest bulletin, on Wednesday, April 21, contained 13,844 new ones in Italy Casey in the corona virus And 364 deaths. Cases were 12,074 the previous day, but with 350,034 fabrics, up from 56,000 24 hours earlier. The positive ratio drops slightly to 4.1 to 3.9%.

Covit Italy Bulletin 21 April

The data will turn Tuscany yellow from April 26th

The colors of the regions, here others expect yellow

For Tuscany, Wednesday Cases 936. The situation is improving In hospitals: Currently 1808 people are hospitalized in Tuscan hospitals, the bulletin on Wednesday signals intensive treatment, with less than a dozen people being treated for cochlear implants in the field.

The colors of the regions, what changes from Monday

The Cabinet also held a meeting on Wednesday afternoon and kicked off the roadmap for reopening: the order, which has been in effect since April 26, presents a number of innovations for areas in the Yellow Zone. It was not a friction-free meeting: the league fought long before the curfew order was to start at 11pm and not at 10pm, but the government decided to keep the time exactly as it had been followed so far at 10pm.

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Reopening the order, read all the rules