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Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, “Escalation in Crisis.”  What Candida Morphyllo knows

Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, “Escalation in Crisis.” What Candida Morphyllo knows

Image for Chiara Ferragni With lots of lights and little shadows to offer Candida morphillo a In other wordsthe program he hosts Massimo Gramellini On La7 Saturday 24 February. The journalist signed up with Giuseppe Guastella for the interview with the influencer and businessman exhausted by the investigation born from the Panduro portal and what appears to be a full-blown crisis with her rapper husband. Fedez Federico Lucia was born.

Starts directly from Marital crisis With Morvillo calling on everyone to avoid “sarcasm and the screen, because to be able to imagine that a couple is inventing a crisis when there are children, you need not only imagination, but also sensitivity to the smallest terms.” The journalist says that she encountered “A A woman of great strength“With great courage and certainly in light of the ongoing crisis that can happen in all families.” But the interview was conducted days before the press scoop Dagospia About Fedez who left home.

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“The words that Chiara used to describe this crisis were, in my opinion, the most protective of the family,” Morvillo says. The journalist then comments on the objection often made when A Veragnise They invoke specificity: “I wonder: when did we completely lose meaning? Humanity? It's not just the Ferragnese who put on social media their breakfast in the morning, their children's games in the park, and their holidays with their boyfriend or husband – Morvillo argues – how many millions of Italians do this?

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Some complain that Ferragni continues to not provide all clarifications regarding the legal issue. Gramellini recalls in the interview that the entrepreneur goes back to the “communication error” and attributes any mistakes to her and her employees’ lack of experience. “They will check what happened Judges“The topic you raise is one of good faith – continues Morvillo – and tells details that have not been published before.” what do you mean? “Be careful,” she says, “if there had not been a request from me, a specific contractual request from me, this charity might not have been possible.” That is, she says: 'I was doing with Paloco Sponsorship, a commercial operation to promote Pandoro. Since I've always believed that when you do charity work and tell them you're creating a copycat effect, when I can, Naively“I've always tried to add a little bit of charity.” It is a version that many parties have objected to, both because of the consistency of the charity itself and because of the delivery of charitable campaigns to those who make their personal image their economic goal. The asset is the added value.

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Having said that, we move on to the more “personal” Ferragni: the journalist said that she saw a woman with “great strength of character on a day that must have been among the most difficult days of her life” for her, even “on the day we met her we did not know that the crisis was with her husband.” It escalated to an extent that the newspapers later reported.” Despite everything, “she possessed a determination and calmness that is rare in a young woman who finds herself as we read with her.” The husband who left home. How will it end with Fedez? “My feeling is that within the exposed, loving, tempestuous young couple, there is also the possibility that the husband will leave home and then come back and then succeed. But we don't know how it ends.” Once the chapter is closed, The Ferragnez TV series continues. Sunday, March 3, in the living room Fabio Fazio

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