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"LOL-Who Laughing Out" 2: From Maccio Capatonda to Virginia Raffaele, comedic actors.  When season 2 starts PHOTO

“LOL-Who Laughing Out” 2: From Maccio Capatonda to Virginia Raffaele, comedic actors. When season 2 starts PHOTO

“LOL-Who Laughs Out” 2, from Maccio Capatonda to Virginia Raffaele, featured comedians from season two and when it starts.

By broadcasting live on the Amazon Prime Video Instagram channel, Fedez and Frank Matano They announced who will be the protagonists of the second season of “LoL – Who’s Laughing Out”, the popular streaming platform show that was a huge hit last year. In fact, the first true delivery novelty, Frank Matano, a comedian who advocated no laughs in the first edition, replaces Mara Mayonchi.

The release date of the episodes has not been revealed but from today we know that in the house of “LoL 2” they will be competing. Virginia Raphael, Mago Forest, Tess Massaza, Macchio Capatounda, Alice Mangioni, Diana del Buffalo, Gianmarco Pozzoli, Corrado Guzzanti, Max Angioni and Maria de BiasiThey will have to challenge each other with the sound of jokes and it will always be, as coordination orders, that they will have to resist the comical provocations of their colleagues.

Until the last time, the person who manages to stay serious to the end, will not win the victory, as happened to Ciro Priello from The Jackal in Season 1.

If some names, such as Virgina Raffaele, Mago Forest, Maccio Capatonda, and Corrado Guzzanti, definitely don’t need particular presentations because they’ve been leading our comedy advocates for years, each in their own way, it’s worth taking a look at the others.

Tess Masaza He is an Italian-American influencer best known for his web series “Melodramatic – Unbearable Woman”, Alice Mangione Instead, she made her debut next to Maccio Capatonda on “Never say Tuesday”, was the winner of Milan Cabaret Festival in 2006 and Cabaret in Rosa in 2009, then came the participation in “La Prova dell” Otto” by Caterina Guzzanti and at In 2014 she joined the cast of “Glob – Diveramente Italiani” directed by Enrico Bertolino; since 2017, with her husband of 49 years, Gianmarco Pozzoli, famous for participating in cult programs such as Zelig and Colorado, who also compete, gave life to the Pozzolis Family project, from During a homonymous Facebook page in which they tell, with short comic videos, the lives of their family.

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Rather an artist in all respects Diana Del BuffaloShe started as a singer in “Amici di Maria De Filippi” led by the band Gialappàs with “Mai dire Amici” and to cinema for Massimo Boldi with “Matrimonio a Parigi” and then dedicated herself to her ex-partner Paolo Ruffini in “Colorado”.

Moreover Maria de Biasi He gained popularity thanks to the collaboration with the Mai dire Gol team and, above all, with comrade Corrado Nuzzo, with whom they formed a wonderful comedic couple.

Max Ingione A relatively new face for the second season of “LoL,” he introduced himself to the general public by participating in “Italia’s Got Talent” and made himself known with a funny monologue in which he revisits the character of Jesus in a typical Italian key talk.

There are no guarantees about the start date of the program, but it is not excluded that it will start, as on the occasion of the first release, in the spring.

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