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Will DJ sets at Serie A stadiums become a habit?

Will DJ sets at Serie A stadiums become a habit?

At the beginning of the season, these are some teams League They have introduced exciting innovations in pre-match entertainment. What stood out was without a doubt Juventus: Announcement A DJ set organized by Salmo at Allianz Stadium Before the starting whistle of the match against Bologna. The Sardinian artist moderated the musical selection in the hours leading up to the match as the stands began to fill.

This was not the only collaboration with an artist proposed by the Bianconeri this season: he also performed on the field maceDJ Torino Yaya Before the Champions League match against Maccabi Haifa, it was the turn Elena Colombi. Juventus had already established collaborations with the underground and non-underground music world in the past, given that Giorgio Moroder was the first to DJ at the stadium in 2018 and in the past Romy from XX and Loco Dice have served as models. For match kits. Pre-match entertainment as a recurring modus operandi during each game is certainly something new for other teams to keep an eye on.

to'Inter In fact, he has been collaborating with the group since last April Sickle Give life to Inter Beats by Machete TV, a live show with many guests drawn into the world of Machete, which will also be proposed before the race. Who knows what the collaboration between Milan H Rock nation It cannot lead to similar innovations in the future (in 2019 beloved was presented for the first time I love you Before the derby).

But where does this fusion of music and football for entertainment come from? Obviously there's a look at what's happening in the United States, where entertainment is vital to NBA arenas or football and baseball stadiums. In the NBA, every arena has its own DJ every night. If the long times of American sports are facilitated by offering a wide range of choices to distract fans, soccer does not allow for that. Hence the choice to focus on pre-match, offering offers that entice fans not only to go to the match, but to spend a lot of time before kick-off, also for reasons of potential income.

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The choice to focus on electronic music seems logical: if we think about big events such as the Champions League, the World Cup or the European Championship finals, the preliminary match is always accompanied by a show featuring artists from the electronic dance music scene, such as Martin Garrix. And David Guetta. Juventus decided to focus on fan artists, unifying their image with that of the club. These initiatives also allow the most loyal fans to be rewarded, giving the club a great community image. Especially when you can get top artists, like Hello In fact, there is an interesting process of branding.

Who knows, maybe the Bianconeri will pave the way for this new trend and other Italian teams like Milan, Roma or Napoli have not started thinking about similar processes and making it a habit on Sunday as well.