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Ambra Angiolini, years later, her daughter vomits everything: “She’s got…” |  The situation is disgusting

Ambra Angiolini, years later, her daughter vomits everything: “She’s got…” | The situation is disgusting

Jolanda Renga decided to reveal the matter and inevitably spoke about her mother, Ambra Angiolini. Let’s find out what he said

Jolanda Renga She is a daughter Francesco Renga H Amber Angels. The parents were together from 2003 to 2015 and welcomed her into their lives in 2004 and two years later her brother, Leonardo.

The singer and songwriter gave an explanation of the reasons for the separation in an episode of the program very right: “When a great love story that brought with it jewels ends, it is always a defeat. You experience pain, it is frustrating because you experience it as a mistake and you feel guilty… Some mechanisms have changed, but Respecting roles and making others happy is the most beautiful thing.

Despite the farewell, they remained on good terms, especially with their children. Jolanda is a wonderful young woman He took a completely different path than themHe recently published his first book entitled Something about the way he yawns.

He recently decided to give an interview Vanity gallery Where she talked about herself and How she faced being the daughter of two celebrities.

Jolanda without Brakes on Ambra Angiolini and Francesco Renga

Jolanda Renga also announced herself after the interview Valerio Staveli What he did to his mother during the separation Massimiliano Allegri. In his opinion, handing over the golden tapir was completely inappropriate because… A sensitive spot has been touched For the mother.

Being the daughter of one of the most beloved singers and one of the most successful actresses was not easy for the young woman and it still is. In fact, he talked openly about what he had to do To remove the label “Daughter of…”..

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Jolanda in Verissimo –

“My dream is not to be beautiful”

“Since elementary school, I knew that it was a double-edged sword. There were children who came to me and asked me: Do you live in a villa? Do you see your parents? It was as if I were living in a parallel world and I was not like them, a daughter with parents, a brother, or a house.” However, the situation has changed When she moved to Milan with her mother.

In fact, in the capital of Lombardy he attended a private school and studied at home. This shows that he does not like to be in the spotlight. However, sometimes, you break the rule when someone on the web calls you ugly: “Fortunately, my dream is not to be beautiful or even to look like my parents… I care more about my soul than my face.” It’s impossible not to love her.