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Burtoni Ray On the Scurati issue, President Soldi disagrees with CEO Sergio

Burtoni Ray On the Scurati issue, President Soldi disagrees with CEO Sergio

On the Scurati case In disciplinary proceedings against Serena Bortonidecided by the CEO Roberto SergioThere is a clash on the upper floors of Viale Mazzini. Conflict of opinions and claims of competence. With President Ray Marinella Soldi Who declared that he disagreed with the CEO: “I don’t think the disciplinary measures against Serena Bortone do justice, and it doesn’t do RAI any good.”

Ray, CEO Sergio’s Revenge: “Action for Bortone”

By Giovanna Vitale

“What the CEO reported to the Supervisory Committee partly tells of what happened, without mentioning any important aspects – continues Soldi -. Without prejudice to company policies, the so-called Scurati case is still subject to examinations by the company’s internal audit department, over which the president has powers, and has The CEO and I have seen the draft findings of this audit, and they highlight a much more complex situation than the one described by the CEO, which requires a more complete approach.”

Starting from the alleged violation of the public service policy, Sergio himself intervenes and claims exclusive jurisdiction over the complaint submitted to the Rai3 journalist to whom he explains “The company sent a complaint, as happened in other similar cases, regarding a post published on his social media profiles at 8.30 morning on Saturday 20 April in violation of legislation that prohibits any worker or self-employed person in Ray from making public statements or in any case making them in public contexts such as social networks regarding activities, news and company facts.” “While waiting for counter-arguments, it was determined that this was an act of duty, purely administrative and the exclusive responsibility of the CEO,” Sergio adds.

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The GM’s line is a little different Giampaolo Rossi Which he tries to downplay: “They’re not measures. They’re messages that are routinely sent to all employees, so it’s a company practice that’s applied, that’s all.”


Leaders of opposition groups under the supervision of opinion, Stefano Graziano (PD), Dario Carotenuto (M5S), Maria Elena Boschi (the fourth), Mariastella gelmini (an act), Angelo Bonelli H Pepe di Cristoforo (AVS), asked the Al-Rai TV Supervisory Committee to take the necessary measures to hold a hearing for journalist Serena Bortoni and the Director of In-depth Analysis at Al-Rai Channel, Paolo CorsiniIn order to clarify the Scurati case.” In the letter addressed to the Chairman of the Commission, Barbara FloridaThe group’s leaders confirmed that “during the hearing of the senior management of Al-Rai last night, a reconstruction of the facts appeared that was very far from the known information without the senior management of Al-Rai providing the necessary documents proving the truth of what they claimed as well.” This morning, President Mooney denies them by talking about omissions and partial stories,” he confirmed.

Feltrinelli’s denial

Meanwhile, Feltrinelli denies that there is any kind of agreement to promote the graphic novel “The Second Midnight” by Scoratti with “Cesara…”, the program hosted by Serena Bortone. The publishing house confirms this after the words of Rai’s CEO, Roberto Sergio, who claimed last night in the Supervisory Committee that the writer “was interested in the promotion period for a graphic novel that can be booked from April 19 and a novel taken from his work.”

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