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Motorcycles and motor oil: the big danger that many ignore

Motorcycles and motor oil: the big danger that many ignore

No experienced motorcyclist would make this ‘rookie’ mistake either as the consequences could be devastating to the vehicle

To be gods Expert motorcyclists This doesn’t just mean knowing how to drive a Brutale or Hayabusa to maximum speed through corners, in a straight line or on the track. A true biker can be seen in the way he handles his motorcycle, ensuring that all the mechanical components, engine and even the bike’s electronics are always handled with care, and last much longer than average.

Today we will find out that even if you do not know in detail some of the characteristics and indicators related to the use of a product for your motorcycle, it is never too late to understand the risks and avoid very dangerous behaviors. Specifically, we’re talking about engine oilIt is a suitable material for lubricating the moving elements of a motorcycle and car engine.

As we all know, choose fuel, fluids and Especially the right oil For the engine, it makes the difference between its long life and the onset of problems of all kinds that can lead to engine breakdown or in any case to last much less than if you had used a suitable product. For this reason, today we will see risky behavior that should never be done.

Engine oil, are you sure you know?

First of all, we should avoid overtaking in both cases: no Never change your motorcycle’s oil – This usually has to be done every 10-15 thousand kilometers, but it also depends on the car model and its wear condition – this means facing a lack of lubrication of mechanical parts, which leads to the risk of breakdown. On the other hand, exceeding the oil level can lead to a Very dangerous for stress In the lubrication chamber of the vehicle.

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Another risky behavior in this sense is to switch a motorcycle engine from mineral oil to synthetic oil at any moment. This seemingly innocuous behavior is a significant modification in the composition of the oil used in the engine, especially in older models that require specific products, and can lead to… Serious damage to seals And engine malfunctions.

Therefore, this is a behavior that should be completely avoided. Suddenly changing the oil from mineral to synthetic at any moment can lead to a major car breakdown. Therefore, it is best to consult a mechanic before completing the run or to evaluate the condition of the motorcycle and the age or condition of the engine equipped.