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“Terrestri d’estate”, a circus, a cabaret and a theatre

“Terrestri d’estate”, a circus, a cabaret and a theatre

The sixth edition of the show, curated by La Piccionaia, offers two days of fun for everyone – Astra di Vicenza: “Terrestri d’estate”, circus, cabaret and theater

Appointment with the traveling show “California under routine” by Beldam B Group, new production La Piccionaia.

We’re on our way to California and we need your help!

California under red tape Brings the festive atmosphere of the West Coast of the USA At ASTRA in Vicenza on Friday 7th July at 6.30pm response Saturday, July 8, at 11:00 a.m.

For the occasion, each spectator must bring a pair of sunglasses with them.

the travel show affiliate Collective Bldm side bAnd Special Mention in the 2022 Children’s Screenplay Awardis the new designation for Summer Sons.

Summer program created and edited by pigeon house

Theatrical production center for Municipality of Vicenzacontribution Vicenza Chamber of Commerce, MIC – Ministry of CultureAnd Veneto region And cooperate Agsm target.

After a day at the beach, a group of surfers relax around the evening bonfire: each telling a story to the other, and the audience participating in the interwoven weave of storyboards, where it will no longer be clear who to believe.

The sixth edition of the review continues Saturday 8th July with the others Two shows for everyone at 7pm and 9:30pmstraight with

  • Field tourthe Funny circus comedy to Madame Repinian insidious cycling route that over the years has seen athletes such as Bartali, Coppi and Pantani flourish

The road that today will see three promises of Italian cycling on the circuit Andrea Pronto and Max Pederzoli And Alessio BolotriAnd

  • The wonderful and attractive proposal Zuzzurello nightclubHe. She Duo Flush Show Light and crackling with juggling, acrobatics and a china pole surrounded by funny masks going on as Nick and Frank have fun and enjoy non-stop entertainment.
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The entertainment continues, between one event and another, at 20 with the djset Lady Giza: Musical aperitif and dinner by reservation.

Collective Bldm side b

It was founded in 2020 by director and linguist Antonio “Tony” Beldam (pseudonym of Pierre Campagnoli) and poet and semiologist Rebecca Buiaforte (alternatively).

He handles contemporary theatre, Storytelling 3.0 workshops and podcasts.

Madame Repini

The company born in 2011 in Toulouse (France) to develop a project started in Turin from the meeting of Andrea Brunetto, Massimo Pederzoli and Alessio Bolotri at the Flick Circus School.

duet flash

It was born from the union of two talented and energetic young artists:

  • Francesco Fiore, who comes from a circus family has art flowing in his veins, e.g
  • Nicola Carboni, who has devoted himself to her with all his might since he became acquainted with this wonderful world.

In case of bad weather, performances are held inside the theatre.

Appointment with ASTRA BISTRÔ and Terrestrial Aperitif from 6pm – dinner box by reservation.

Tickets on sale cost 5 euros.

Piazza Card (tour of the square + zuzzurellone cabaret) costs 8 euros.

3- Entry with a family card at a cost of 10 euros.

Information, reservations and advance sales:

Astra Theater Office – Contra Parche 55 (Vicenza) – Tel. 0444 323725 – [email protected]

Open from Wednesday to Friday from 10 to 13 and from 15 to 17.45; or online at

Vicenza 07.05.2023

Source: La Piccionaia press office