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Nominations for episode nine

Nominations for episode nine

Also during this ninth episode, it’s time for the long-awaited and dreaded nominations.

Before starting, Vladimir Remember that – after passing the Commander’s Selection Test – Alvina H Karina They cannot be nominated because they are immune. GretaBut because of Judas’ kiss, she was already voted out.

The first one to choose is him Stop Which goes by name Artur Because he thinks they have two different ways to deal with this adventure: “We are very different”. And even choose Samuel Located on the form: “I related to him much less.”.

It’s a role Edward: The chef decides the nomination Greta; But the last one has a name Artur: He thinks he is an unfair person. Artur Exchange nomination for Gretawhile Matilda mentions name Linda: “Maybe this nomination will give her the resolve to introduce herself better.” He shouts.

Dario Selects transmission to broadcast television Stop: “I fear him and respect him.” He says justifying his choice. After receiving many nominations Khadi Decides to return the vote to Aras. And even choose Linda It falls upon the perpetrator: “I would have liked to talk to him more”.

in the end, Aras Manda in the nomination Artur: He thinks that over the past few days he hasn’t done much to do.

And also for the leader Karina It’s time to make your choice. La Naufraga decides to punish Aras.

Artur, Greta H Aras They are the three outcasts in the nomination. Who will be able to save themselves?