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A vicious brawl and broken cameras.

A vicious brawl and broken cameras.

In the program “Men and Women”, in addition to love, there is also space for frayed nerves. A former Tronesta admits to being an exaggerated live broadcaster.

Logo of the program run by Maria de Filippi (via social media)

The popular program men and women It is often accused of being prepackaged and incorrect. However, according to Tronesta’s previous admission, things are not far from reality. In fact the latter said to the microphones of RTL 102.5.1 Update To be the protagonist in an unfortunate episode far exceeded the limits.

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to say so Gianluca TornezAlso, the former competitor of the reality show “The Pupa and the Geek and vice versa”. The guy had a bad quarrel with Mariano Catanzaro, with whom he was competing for the same woman in 2017. To unleash the brawl a few more moves than necessary from the two, causing them to spark sparks. “Some things have not been accomplished. I had a fight with Mariano in the studio, but it went on behind the scenes” The 29-year-old explains.

Men and women are badly damaged in quarrels

men and women
Former tronet player admits there was an unfortunate episode (Instagram profile of Gianluca Tornese)

But it didn’t end there and it got worse behind the scenes: “We fought so hard and ended up destroying the cameras.” He says to the radio station. However, none of the suitors paid the exorbitant bill. In fact, he admits Tourneys It was Maria de Filippi and the editorial staff who got their hands on the bag.”. Then the young man changes the subject and talks about a very sensitive issue.

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A few weeks ago, Le Iene put him to the test to check whether today’s youth are really less fertile than those of 1980. The results gave a negative result, so much so that the young man says “I felt like the world was falling on meBut this did not defeat him but actually pushed him to treatment with certain medications. As he explains in the interview, it is a situation that can be remedied. In the meantime, he continues his relationship with his girlfriend, who has been with him for two years, without forgetting his passion for his five dogs.