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Weather, “Thunderstorm”: The rain dream returns.  It’s there

Weather, “Thunderstorm”: The rain dream returns. It’s there

If we can enjoy a taste of summer these days, with sunny weather and mild weather, it will start raining again from tomorrow, so it’s best to keep an umbrella handy. As expected by Team D, the new week will be marked by the arrival of “stormy storms with thunder.” What weather awaits us? “The passage of a strong disturbance is expected to create new waves of extreme bad weather, especially in the mid-north, but there is also a real risk of thunderstorms and cloudbursts in parts of the lower Tyrrhenian Sea”, experts expect.

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However, any surge will not affect the temperature, which will only result in a “slight decrease”. The real change of pace will take place on Wednesday, May 22, when “the whole weather will change a little bit,” they explain. “A frightening high pressure will move in to guarantee a relatively more stable environment” over parts of the south and much of the centre. In the north, however, “volatility will still be the protagonist”. Days are not completely wasted. These events “last for a few hours” and allow for the return of the Sun.

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