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“Big Brother”, report cards: Signorini finds a wife (score 5), Garibaldi injured (score 2)

“Big Brother”, report cards: Signorini finds a wife (score 5), Garibaldi injured (score 2)

Ms. Fagiana was eliminated, but she “sent a strong message” (to whom?): Vote 4

Entering and exiting the race at the same speed. Ms. Faggiana, whose real name is Valentina Modeni, has crossed the red door of reality as an aspiring heroine. Then, it simply didn’t happen. The ambitious Bridget Jones, or at least that’s how Alfonso Signorini defined her, the audience really struggled to notice her. So much so that in the television broadcast they lost even to the terrifying Giuseppe Garibaldi, guilty of many nonsense against Beatrice Luzzi in particular and common sense in general. However, our team doesn’t seem to realize this at all: “I was very aware of what I wanted to bring and I think I succeeded,” she says after the ruling to withdraw from the game became official. Lady Vagiana claims she sent “a strong message, especially to girls.” This is how you can feel good about yourself even without wearing makeup three times a day.” Yes, sure? Fiordaliso broke down in desperate sobs: “I hope he has a future outside of here. She’s also very good at presenting! Even Signorini praises her: “Veronica is a woman of great intelligence. She taught us to lighten up.” In short, it seems we really have Ms. Fagiana to thank. It’s a shame that the moment our beloved sets foot in the studio, the host himself exclaims: “But who is this?!”. Exactly here.

Mugenyi confesses to being a traitor: “Lies are not my friend”: Voice 8

Giampiero Mogini is the star of this edition. As well as an unofficial commentator from within the Council. But this time, “Mr. Horrible” – as the bespectacled intellectual defines the host – is trying to catch him off guard. In recent days, an interview with his wife (or partner? Even Alfonso doesn’t know her) Michela was published on Chi, in which the woman reveals her lover’s infidelity. A betrayal that I still struggle to forgive. He asserts: “We have been together for 36 years, but on one occasion I met a wonderful person who amazed me to the point that he made me give up. It happens to everyone, and I had the honesty to admit it because lies are not my friend.” How did it end? “We dated for a few months, with Michela’s full knowledge. She’s still suffering from it and I’m sorry.” This issue came to light because of some photos that Mogini claims he deliberately left in plain sight to be discovered. The whole story is told with a calmness that makes it seem like a compliment to the guests. We would be curious to hear Michela’s version. Will he have the same composure as his partner on the show? If not, there will always be Temptation Island…

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Garibaldi is injured, but unfortunately not eliminated: Vote 2

The more weeks passed, the less I liked it. Having entered the house as a regular character by virtue of his identification with the Champion of the Worlds, Giuseppe Garibaldi has unfortunately shown over time that he also has some residual personality subtypes. The rival had a quasi-affair with Beatrice Luzzi, then declared that he was in love with former L’Eredit professor Samira Loy (who, after her elimination, returned home only to ask him the courtesy of never mentioning her again). About Fiverr’s ex Eva Bonelli, despite sporadic kisses and squirts, he manages to say the worst possible things, including: “He doesn’t care about anyone and everything, even his children.” And again: “He manipulated me into self-destruction. If I get out of here, I’ll pay the whole of Italy to take her out.” Live on air he asks for forgiveness, but during the week his behavior is always unacceptable towards Luzzi. “He talks and acts like a wounded man,” Signorini comments to conclude the controversy. Oh. And since when did “wounded” become synonymous For “Idiot”? Unfortunately, it was eventually saved by broadcast television. It will be for the next one.

Letizia frees herself from her boyfriend (who doesn’t deserve her?): Rating: 7.5

Last Thursday, she cried hard on live television. Her friend Andrea sent her a letter with icy tones, and she, Letizia Beatris, felt lost. Within a few days we find it reborn. “Now I am my priority and I decide for myself. I no longer wait for answers from the outside because it makes no sense. I want to live this experience firsthand.” At home and in the studio, light bulbs go off. Meanwhile, her caring roommate Paolo supports her without leaving her. Regarding her boyfriend, she says: “If you can’t make your girlfriend feel good, you should examine your conscience.” Then he continues to flirt with her with hugs and attention. The story of the reality show is clearly moving towards the birth of a new couple with Letizia in the role of the princess to be rescued, and the butcher Paolo in the role of the servant knight, without shame or fear. Specifically in the week that the rival has to celebrate her third anniversary with her better half. His better half who at the end of the episode posts an Instagram Story with a black Puma background with a two little arrows emoji in front. Will it mean “karma” or “change”? It’s 1:30 a.m., and no one, especially the announcer, really wants to dig deeper. But there sure is a stormy air. Or perhaps napalm itself.

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Signorini finds a wife, and wants to marry Beatrice Luzzi (?): Vote 5

“It also happened to Pasolini with Callas,” comments Giampiero Mogini. And now we have to believe that Alfonso Signorini and Beatrice Luzzi could fall in love. In recent days, she has often reiterated that she has never married but would gladly marry the host of the father of all reality shows. The person in question seems to have no disdain at all: “Last Thursday, when she came to the studio to discuss with Massimiliano, she surprised me. At the end of the episode I told two of my writers that I was shocked by her.” naturally? The truth is that Fever’s ex Eva Bonelli is the true protagonist and lifeblood of this threadbare edition. This makes it absolutely necessary to allocate at least five blocks to it in each episode. Once the subject of Giuseppe Garibaldi has been exhausted (with whom I no longer have the pleasure of speaking) and the controversy with Massimiliano Varese has subsided, at least for the time being, what can be done to focus another half hour on this subject? A queen loved by the public? Inventing from scratch a certain emotional tension between us and Signorini, for example. It doesn’t matter that the episode could end at two in the morning…

Grecia Colmenares sees her son again (and doesn’t ruin her makeup): Rating 7

He speaks a non-existent Italian language, and what and how much of our language he understands remains a profound mystery. Despite this, Grecia Colmenares is among the most underrated competitors in this unfortunate edition. “Topacio” from the South American series sees her son Gianfranco again after years in this fourteenth episode. Why so much time has passed since their last encounter is 50% incomprehensible: the actress mentioned the pandemic (we can understand) and then the passport issues (that should be explained instead, but it doesn’t matter). The fact that our language is difficult for her generates wonderful conversations between her and the host among the deaf. No matter how many questions Signorini asked her, she would answer, “I am a lion!” And we will continue like this, never understanding each other, but TV times are tyrants, so it’s okay anyway. According to Rebecca Staveley, social media would have fallen in love with Gianfranco and wanted him in the game. “Maybe I’ll learn Italian first,” he answers. Then she scolds her parents: “Don’t cry or there will be a make-up disaster.” A mother’s heart, indeed.

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Vittorio feels guilty because he “doesn’t know how to love” (Very Smart): Rating: 5+

He takes the sauna and thinks. It rains and he thinks. He looks out the window and thinks. With all these intense close-ups, it looks like handsome engineer Vittorio, 23, wants to apply for Ozpetek’s next film. As handsome as Luca Argentero was when he first appeared on television by crossing the door of the father of all reality shows, the curly-haired young man has a somewhat shy temperament. Or to put it another way, he has little interest in mingling with the rabble of impatient prisoners and the beguiling dynamics imposed by the authors. Since he is impervious to any interaction, Vittorio on average prefers to take a nap. “He is a man of science and creativity,” says Signorini, noting that he also plays the piano. Thus an entire block is imposed on the competitor who, at the end of the day, has done absolutely nothing to deserve it. In all likelihood, he didn’t want that. To justify his indifference, he plays a darker card: “I feel guilty because I don’t know how to love. I’m separated even from my brother. I only cried once, in Madrid, while I was playing one of my tunes on the guitar.” It’s a bloated image but it’s also a clever message to the authors, loud and clear: Are you messing around? Amorazzi? No thank you. He’s not the type. We’ll see how long it lasts. Meanwhile, boredom.