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The influencer appears again on social media/video

The influencer appears again on social media/video

Red clothes, crowds in front of the TV counting down, wreaths and bottles opened at the end of the countdown. At first glance it could be New Year's celebrations In any Italian home. If it weren't for one detail it would be negligible. It's 9.07pm. And no, no one moved the clock forward as in the famous New Year's Eve scene in Engineer Fantozzi's first film: In Casa Veragnise You uncork and toast as if midnight has already arrived (complete with the time frame on your cell phone to emphasize that this is not actually the case). the reason? Possible Send their children to bedAnd Leon and Vitoria, just in time for them to be young and to be able to enjoy the festivities without worrying about having to look after their children.

Chiara Ferragni enjoys a New Year's Eve party held for her children at 9 p.m

He will look calm New Year's Eve with family (In the reel you can glimpse her sister Valentina and her mother) The one he celebrated (in advance) Chiara Ferragni and Fedez Following the chaos, a fake charity was linked to the sale of “branded” Pandorus and Easter eggs advertised by the digital entrepreneur herself.

Ferragni participated in a long red dress in the children's show organized by Fedez and appeared Amused and smiling because she hadn't appeared for a long time. Just an isolated case due to the atmosphere of joy and worry during the Eid period, or the first taste of his return to social media?

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The influencer, who has 29.5 million followers on Instagram alone, has abandoned her home garden, that is, social media, since she ended up in the storm of fake charitable causes, except for the apology video, which received 1.4 million likes and 138 thousand comments. Appetizers for a return to style in 2024? Only the New Year will be able to give us these answers. Fortunately we won't have to wait much longer