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Bofia cancels concert in Senegal: 'offensive'

Bofia cancels concert in Senegal: ‘offensive’

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Senigallia 10/08/2021 – announced via social media that the concert at Senigallia has been cancelled, Povia, explaining his reasons and also putting up received criticism By Municipal Councilor Gennaro Campanile.

In fact, the news of the concert provoked quite a few reactions in the city due to the often controversial positions taken by the artist.

“What number do the ‘institutions’ make in front of their citizens – writes on Facebook – read this other advisor at Senigallia, he makes the article as poignant as fools who have to play stuPiddina against anyone who is not a parish, because I compared the Jews of the last century who could not From entering places, with people who today have to show a pass to enter places, trains, planes, ships and school!

I will not attend the concert, I canceled it when they asked me to sign a paper asking for “public land” myself, giving me responsibility for all safety measures like barriers etc. ..and what if an outbreak starts? Aa State Bouviah! Let’s see if they say this is not true, I have the messages.

Also remember in Senigallia that politics is to protect your ass from everything and with that vision, plus having city councilors with serious ideological problems and cultural loopholes, you can’t even run a region, let alone a country or nation. #liberidiscegliere listen to it on youtube, freedom doesn’t go through a fence, TONTI. insulted.”

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