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Paolo Masella and Letizia Beatris: Is there an atmosphere of change?  – Big Brother 2023

Paolo Masella and Letizia Beatris: Is there an atmosphere of change? – Big Brother 2023

After receiving the letter from the boy, Letizia began to distance herself from his story

After receiving a message from her friend… cheerful He seems to have changed and her relationship with him has changed as well peeLive more freely. Alfonso Signorini wants to shed more light on this bond and invites all women to the confessional, with the photographer at the centre.

“Since that letter, nothing has been the same as before.” The host points out. Letizia in confession with the women and Paolo in the salon with the men reviewing some moments of the past few days. From Letizia’s crisis after the coldness she read in her friend’s words, to the advice of her friends who urge her to be happy, to the nightly caresses and getting close to Paolo.

From the contestants’ point of view, Paolo and Letizia complement each other, a unique relationship that can give them the opportunity to experience truly unique and strong feelings.

The photographer thanks her friends who supported her and helped her learn more about herself and this relationship that she carries with her and says: “My answers come from my head and not from others.” Not only that, but the competition confirms that she feels safe with Paolo, and truly feels at peace.

While everyone claims that there is magic between the two, Beatrice pointing to: “I don’t think she really likes Paolo.” Letizia emphasizes that at the moment she does not want to say much about anything or anyone, and now it is only her priority. AnitaInstead, holding her friend’s hand tightly indicates: “She is achieving her goal, becoming more independent and we are happy about that.”

But Paul says: “I’m happy if she’s happy” The LED screen shows images of the competitors under the covers while exchanging caresses and small hugs. How will this relationship continue?

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