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Giambruno case, Antonio Ricci on Fiorionda: “The sound is over, but if it speaks it is chaos.”

Giambruno case, Antonio Ricci on Fiorionda: “The sound is over, but if it speaks it is chaos.”

“We didn’t record anything, what is low frequency reaches the offices. I had nothing left: what I had in the refrigerator was gone,” said Antonio Ricci, author of the book Word spreadsl A day like a sheep On Radio 1, he was again asked about the anger of Andrea Giambruno, the former partner of the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, and former host of the program Today’s diary On Rete 4. In the interview Richie reiterated that there is no such thing as a “family destroyer” because “families destroy themselves and then the blame is put on a differentiator that actually doesn’t ruin anything.” To a question Loudspeaker Whether Melonie Giabruno was already in crisis and on the verge of separation even before the reports were broadcast, the TV writer answers: «It is an interesting question. I still don’t have a clear idea. I am convinced that some positions have been strengthened, such as Giambruno’s. Being a conspiracy theorist, I say that if Giambruno speaks…Samson will die along with all the Palestinians. He sent a biblical signal by cutting off his forelock: it means he still has the power to kill Palestinians,” Ricci said, also repeating that “if Giambruno speaks, it is chaos. He continued: “He came out strong, he will have all his fans, and with his way of doing things, he will have many followers.” Then again: “Perhaps the crisis between them already existed – he continued -.” Poor Giambruno, he took him to see Pino Insigno and Pio and Amedeo, and anyone would have rebelled.”

“Melonie’s reaction? I can’t encode it

About Meloni’s reaction, the author of the book Strips He explains that he cannot “decipher it”, but “there are fixed points”, that is, “that message has been deleted: there was victimhood, but the girls who witnessed that abundance do not remember. I had never seen anything like this. I felt that This happens in newspaper editorial offices, because some journalists told me so. That’s why I said, “Better a showgirl one day than a hundred days a journalist,” because I knew that disgusting editors and drooling directors indulged in any Harassment,” Ritchie asserted. The first, before the second came out, “they were taken in June and I saw them in September when Strips He was on vacation – he said again -. I didn’t broadcast it right away, because I said, “Damn, this guy can still bring some joy.” I waited for him to provide additional material, but he didn’t. On the second off-air broadcast he was warned to be careful Strips. Since then he might have paid attention. When I saw his interview with from And in the wheat field I decided it was time to grind the mill.”

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Mediaset’s senior management was not aware of the outage

Ritchie then explained that the leaders Mediaset They were not aware of the air. “After the first episode went on air, they did not contact me,” he confirmed. There is a fundamental issue: everyone is accustomed to believing that there are only barracks and no one is free. Strips It is a co-production Mediaset Me and the broadcast must not commit crimes. They can be informed as producers, but it’s a matter of not letting people know what’s going on, because they would try to interfere. I was going to broadcast it anyway, because my contracts have total freedom, but I didn’t want to see scenes of people throwing themselves on the ground and I didn’t want to go so far as to say I was doing that. This in principle, I do not like it. It happens that they interfere regarding Solid work Company: Advertisers and Advertisers. Policy? It is used to support the other Solid workRichie said, recalling that “Melonie did not contact me, but she should thank me because I gave her a good push to get out of this situation.”

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