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How to remove dust from your smartphone: the infallible method

How to remove dust from your smartphone: the infallible method

How to remove dust from our smartphone: the infallible method that allows us to carry out this operation with maximum safety by removing it completely in just a few steps.

Polvere Smartphone –

today We use our smartphones several hours a dayTake it with us for any occasion. Whether it is at work or leisure, we always have our cell phone in our hands. going to Scroll the screen or write messages Truly in any context, exposing the device to constant stress but also to contact with hostile environments (too hot or too cold) but also dirty H soil.

Beside Germs H bacteria. Through various investigations carried out in recent years and not only in Italy, it was discovered that the cell phone existed Among the dirtiest things everWhich unfortunately we carry with us not only when we go to bed but also when we eat or watch TV. This alone would be enough to realize that just as it happens with our hands, a smartphone will also be fine Sterilize it properly several times a day.

Risks associated with smartphones

When we have a smartphone in our hands We face a number of high risksranging from Magnetic waves The device emits and comes into contact with us for several hours a day, through the dirt that we carry from our hands or from the shelves in which we place it, which can be those in Pub table or bar table. Here our phone comes into contact with germs and bacteria of all kinds.

Cleaning smartphones –

However, we often forget to take care of the phone that always stays with us. But there are also other operations, such as cleaning dust and dirt, that we must often do for the benefit of our smartphone. In these cases it would be appropriate to use Microfiber cloth or suede To avoid damaging or scratching any part of the mobile phone during cleaning (Here we can learn how to hide scratches on the mobile phone screen).

As far as which solution to adopt is concerned, that’s it Avoid aggressive liquids containing alcohol: It would be perfectDistilled water Which fully works in removing dust and dirt and which is also suitable for the parts that are more difficult to degrease. Very useful for this process Toothbrush With soft bristles that work perfectly Eliminate all traces of dust and dirt of various kinds.

What to avoid to avoid damaging your cell phone

Avoid completely tooth pick Or other items that may Break and block phone access pointsAnd remove the part that concerns these areas from cleaning. Also essential Clean the cameraWith the same tools, we always have clear subjects in our photos.

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