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“I heard from Nicole after the show for…”

“I heard from Nicole after the show for…”

The former suitor of men and women speaks freely about the heroes of the old and new versions of the program.

Christian Di Carlo He returned to talk about his experience men and women And not only. Issa and Qi gave an interviewFormer suitor of Nicole Santinelli He also took the opportunity to have his say tronisti of the new version of the dating showThat’s by saying Christian, Brando and Manuela Carrero.

Confessions of Christian Di Carlo

Christian Di Carlo He was one of the heroes of the last edition of men and women. He arrived at the studios to court Nicole Santinellithe boy decided Leave the dating offer after the note that the orthopedic doctor secretly gave to the tronista. Speaking about his experience, Christian admitted:

I have great memories, but I don’t regret leaving because my goal was not to stay there to warm the chair, but to meet someone I could get to know and live abroad. If I perceive that there is zero or almost zero interest on the other side, I lose any incentive to stay. Self love first and always. I heard from Nicole after the show. First of all, I wish her well after her choice. She then reached out to me and thanked me for my stance on Carlo after that famous live show. Then we agreed to see each other again but nothing was done anymore. Frankly, I have no interest in her, nor do I feel angry or resentful toward her, but I admit I would have liked to discuss it and clear things up a bit like two “friends,” who nonetheless came out of a very private experience that, for better or worse, has relationships.

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The chapter is closed Nicole, Christian He took the opportunity to have his say New tronisti for men and women:

I was disappointed and confused by the reports against them. It is certainly a risky move to include two such young boys in a complex and diverse context. Basically, in my view the priority is to be honest and transparent towards the editorial team and the audience inside. They haven’t started well without a doubt, but the journey is long and I hope they can quash the negative rumours. However, I am very happy with Manuela! Like everyone else, I had the opportunity to meet her at TI and discover her in her presentation video. I sincerely hope you find the love and serenity you deserve.

Regarding the possibility of his participation in the program as a tronista, he said:Former suitor I confess:

If I had remained single, I would never have prevented myself from such a possibility. It will be an opportunity to engage with yourself and try to find the love that has been lost for years.

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