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Athletics World Championships 2023. 4×100 race wants to return to the final!  Cestonaro and Derkach: A Trilogy in History

Athletics World Championships 2023. 4×100 race wants to return to the final! Cestonaro and Derkach: A Trilogy in History

Back in the double session on the track and on the podium on this seventh day of World Championship competition without Italy in the morning races But with so many blues music included on date night in particular Fast Stages and Ottavia Sestanato and Daria Derkach in the triple final.

Start in the morning decathlon track champions, Again without gloom, hoping that this will be the last year of fasting. Wait for the Olympic champion damian Warner, The Canadian who has never won a World Cup. His first rival is the French world record holder and outgoing champion Kevin Mayer. The other Canadian also took silver from last year’s medal Pierce Lepage, Australian Ashley Moloney, Germany’s Niklas Kaul (gold in Doha and Monaco) and NCAA champion Leo Neugebauer, Americans Zack Zemeck, who won bronze a year ago, Harrison Williams and Kyle Garland of Norway Ruth and Skothem of Estonia. Forts of Iram, Uyglan and Telga. Morning 100, long jump and shot put. And in the afternoon the high jump and 400 meters.

scheduled Men’s javelin throw qualification without jumper at the start. grenadine Anderson Peters He goes in search of the third success in a row. Alternatives are the world’s leading jakob Vadlich, German European Champion Julian Weber, Indian Olympic gold medalist Neeraj Chopra and Finland’s Hilander.

There will be, and therefore will not be able to defend, the bronze medal won last year by Elena Valortegara in the women’s senior stage preliminaries. So there are no blue women to start, and the race is expected to be very close. The best so far this season has been the Australian Nikola Oleslagers, but as for the gold, Ukrainian Yaroslava Mahushikh cannot be ignored. Less brilliant in some situations this year, than the new world champion, Australian Eleanor Patterson recovers from a broken leg. And the third Ukrainian, Irina Gerashchenko, can say her word, as well as the American Vashti Cunningham and the young daughter of art, Angelina Topik.

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And at the opening of the afternoon, batteries of 4 x 100 men will be scheduled. The composition of the Blue Quartet has not yet been decided, even if Ciccarelli, Jacobs, Bata and Torto could be envisaged. the The United States is the nominee by definition but also the honorary “goof”. Great Britain He hasn’t been off the stage for a while and Canada He is the outgoing hero and aims to appear tough, while keeping an eye on the situation Japan who has done really well this season and has a very strong and elegant foursome Jamaica With a young but compact team. In the Nigeria Two important pieces are missing, namely Brazil and South Africa can have their say in the final, and France and Germany also have opportunities.

Surprisingly but somewhat, Daria Derkach and Ottavia Cestonaro will be the champions in the triple jump final. Venezuelan Yulimar Rojas go to Poker gold streak (with an Olympic title in the middle): She is the reigning major and the undisputed favourite. Cubans Lianis Perez and Liadagmis Bovia They will try to imitate their male colleagues (Napoli silver, Martinez bronze), but watch out for Jamaican Eugene’s silver. Shanica Ricketts and American Tori Franklin, as well as compatriots Moore and Orji. Marina Beck Romanchuk He has poison teeth to get rid of in the long run.

Italy is looking for a tough but not impossible final in the women’s 4×100 event. Dosso, Fontana, Kadari and Bongiorni are supposed to be at first, but Syragusa and Pavese are available. Since the 2005 World Cup in Helsinki, USA and Jamaica They are fighting for the title, and even in this round it’s hard to think of some of the entries from behind, where they’ve been scratching. Great Britain (three silvers), Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Poland and one from Ivory Coast, He’s never been this strong for the final.

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to follow one The final without the Italian is the women’s javelin. An intense season, that season that ends due to the inclusion of the major in the Diamond League and saw the Japanese Haruka Kitaguchi as a great champion, Bronze in Eugene but is on the rise and thus able to put the Australian behind kelsey Lee Barber, She never won the 2023 edition and narrowly qualified yesterday, unlike her compatriot mackenzie Little, Best weeks I’ve had with Kitaguchi. Outside some of the most awaited, New Zealand PetersAnd the young European champion, 20-year-old Greek Elena Tsingko, and 19-year-old Croatian Adriana Villagos. Some surprises may come from the United States and Colombia.

There’s Eloisa Quiro as the starting semi-finalist for the women’s 800. World and Olympic champion Athing Mo, who has competed little in 2023, appeared in more than acceptable condition in his heat. Among the big favorites is the 21-year-old British and European Under-23 record holder Kelly Hodgkinson (world and Olympic silver) and Kenyan Mari Moura (bronze in Oregon). Also beware of the United States Raven Rogers, his compatriot Akins, Ugandan Halima Nakai, Australian Bisset, Jamaican Jules Tobin and Ethiopians Mesili and Alemu.

It concludes with the double final of the 200m sprint without the blues in the race. Among the women is Chakari Richardson She wants the double after completing the 100m, but it won’t be easy for the American who will have to compete with almost the same competitors in the fastest race. In Eugene with a 21″45 Jamaican Sherica Jackson, silver in Budapest in the 100m, was the first to really come close to Florence Griffiths’ world record (21:34). The British can have their say Dina Asher Smith, Doha gold. The United States is also betting on Gabriel Thomas. As for the strangers, they are the Bahamian Antonique Strachan, and the Ivorian Ta Lou, who has a lot of anger in her body, to finish fourth in the 100-meter race, and fifth in the shortest race, the representative of St. Lucia Alfred.

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In the men’s field, not only is Noah Lyles looking for a third consecutive title in the discipline, but this time he can score a 100-200 double where only the great sprinters have succeeded. And the 100m champion will have to deal again with the 20-year-old tebogoWho out of 200 people managed to express himself best from the short distance and with his young compatriot Erion Knighton. Among the podium contenders are bronze 100 Zarnell Hughes, Canadian Aaron Brown and Olympic gold Andre Degrasse and Brendon Rodney.

Photo by Vidal Colombo